Chester Police Log for May 3 through June 11, 2017

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Editor’s Note: The Chester Telegraph Police Log is a sampling of incidents directly from Chester Police reports. In general, we do not identify individual victims of crimes nor those who have been arrested.

 Wednesday, May 3, 2 p.m.

A Chester Police officer about to enter his cruiser on Green Mountain Turnpike heard a vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed. The officer picked up his radar unit, turned it on and clocked the vehicle at 61 mph on a road posted for 30 mph. The officer turned on his flashing lights and began to pursue the speeding pickup truck. The driver did not slow down, but instead turned up Flamstead Road, then up Cummings Road, which is a dead end. The officer then turned on his siren and the driver finally stopped when he ran out of road. The officer ordered the driver out of the vehicle and checked him and the vehicle for weapons. Police then charged the driver, a 28-year-old Springfield man with driving 30 mph over the speed limit. The vehicle had no registration and no insurance. Police had the vehicle towed at the driver’s expense.

Saturday, May 6, 2:48 p.m.

Police went to Flamstead Road for a complaint of a stray young black Labrador with no tags. The complainant was holding the dog. After checking with neighbors, police found the owner and adviser her that she needed to make sure a collar with up-to-date license and rabies tags on it when it was outside.

Friday, May 12, 9:45 a.m.

Police went to the Mountain View community, where a homeowner complained that late in the afternoon of the day before he heard a thump coming from the back of his home, on the outside. The homeowner said that when he went outside a bit later to investigate, he found a fist size hole in the vinyl siding, which he had installed the previous year. There were no objects on the ground and broken pieces of vinyl had been cleared away.

Tuesday, May 16, 7:56 p.m.

Police went to the Pinnacle on Lovers Lane for a report of a dog running on the softball field. The complainant said the owners and the dog left in a Jeep. Police told the complainant that dogs and owners have access to the grounds as long as the owners clean up after their pets.

Thursday, May 18, 9:27 p.m.

A driver told police he had recently bought a vehicle and parked it at work at the Jiffy Mart, facing Route 103 by the store sign. He contacted the company that he bought it from, asking it to come get the vehicle since it would not go in reverse.  A person from the company came, drove it forward over the embankment, leaving deep tire marks in the landscaping.  Police called Benny’s to pull it out of the ditch.

Thursday, May 18, 10:44 p.m.

Police responded to Ethan Allen and Popple Dungeon roads for the report of ATVs being driven up and down the streets. The complainant said the ATV did not have a body. While on route, police saw ATV tracks outside on residence and a body-less ATV. The residents were advised not to ride on the road.

Saturday, May 20, 7:31 a.m.

Police responded to Andover Road for a report of a loose horse. After calling the owner, someone came to retrieve the horse. But police noticed that the horse’s ribs were showing rather prominently. He went to the home and noticed the stockade area where another horse and cattle were kept. There was nothing to graze for the animals, which were on mud and rocks. Goats, sheep and pigs are also on the property. Windsor County Humane Society will make a welfare check on the animals.

Monday, May 22, 7:16 p.m.

Four cows were found wandering in the roadway at Potash Road, heading to Andover Road. Police remained on Andover Road with blue lights on until the cows’ owner arrived to pen them at the home of a friend on Andover Road.

Saturday, May 27,  5:16 p.m.

Police were sent to a residence on Route 10 for the report of neighbors’ dogs that keep coming onto their property and bothering them. The resident said that the dogs come to the property on a regular basis and she is tired of dealing with them.

Sunday, May 28, 12:12 p.m.

Police were dispatched to a home off Route 10 for the report of an animal problem. The owner said the dog had broken through his collar and taken off. No citation was issued because it was clear the dog had broken his collar.

Saturday, June 3, 8:42 a.m.

Police responded to a complaint that a tractor trailer was parked in a private lot on Route 103 South. Police knocked on the cab and woke the driver, who said he was off service and parked his tractor trailer to sleep. He added that he could not find Drew’s in the dark and parked there because his GPS indicated he was near. The operator moved his vehicle up the hill to Drew’s.

Saturday, June 3, 11:44 p.m.

Chester Police were called to School Street for the complaint of a neighbors’ dogs barking at all hours. He also complained about their chickens and about roosters that crow at all hours. The complainant was told that unless the police caught them in the act, they could not do anything about it.

Sunday, June 11, 1:32 p.m.

Police responded to a single-motorcycle accident at Maple and South Main streets. Apparently the operator failed to negotiate a 90-degree left-hand turn, striking the granite curbing and causing the motorcycle to crash onto its left side. The bike’s front rim and tire also hit the curbing as a well as a small sign post. While the operator had scrapes on her hands, she did not want to go to the hospital. Police did not charge the operator since she was driving at an appropriate rate of speed.

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