To the editor: Ed Brown apologizes to Londonderry community

To The Londonderry Community:

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a passionate about our community, our lovely town, and what Vermont stands for: beauty.

So I must apologize to you all for the actions I took painting over the wall on Route 100. It wasn’t done out of malice, and I certainly didn’t want to upset the kids who participated in the making of the art.

I hope you will find it in your hearts to accept my apology.

Ed Brown

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  1. Vance.bell says:

    Ed Brown did the town a favor by painting over the poor excuse for a mural. Other murals in town as the Jelly!s and IGA are good examples that represents correct styles for Vermont and a town.

  2. R Grace says:

    You did intend to hurt innocent children; the wall was beautiful.
    Why didn’t you offer to paint it when it was needed and there was
    litter to be cleared? The Mill is an eyesore and your apology is not

    I hope you are fined and required to reimburse the initial costs for
    the mural and the new costs to repaint a mural.

  3. Kevin O'Hagen says:

    Whether malice was intended or not doesn’t matter. Whether his intentions were good doesn’t matter. The rule is, if it’s not yours, you can’t paint it. The rule applies to everyone, regardless of who you are, how long you’ve lived somewhere, how many people you employ, or whether you’re passionate about something or not. The wall belongs to VTrans. The mural was authorized by VTrans, designed by students at Flood Brook School, and painted by a responsible adult. Ed was not authorized to paint over the mural. If he wanted something to be done, he should have contacted the Select Board and VTrans to discuss options for the wall. Ed saying he’s sorry isn’t enough, just like telling the kindly state trooper that you’re sorry you were 20 over the limit doesn’t mean he isn’t going to write you up.

  4. FERGUS SMITH says:

    No need for an apology Ed. Everyone who knows you realizes that your intentions were good. You and your establishment are a credit to the community.

    I think it says something about those in the negative comments that they didn’t use their actual names, but hid behind their initials. When I comment, I am never ashamed to say who I am and anyone who disagrees with me is quite welcome to say so openly. That’s how honest discourse is conducted.

  5. TJ says:

    Two of the ugliest buildings in Londonderry belong to you – eyesores galore. Shame on you, Ed Brown. Your crazytown behavior has caused more damage than you realize and I hope it shows in your sales this winter. We (and many other neighbors) will not step foot in your dusty establishment this season or any other.

  6. J_ says:

    Ed –
    You say anyone who knows you, knows you are passionate. Where is your passion in this absolute tragedy of an apology? By your own self-description, these tin words you have written are EMPTY.

    You know I’d like to think this was an act of yours was out of desperation. Something that you did that was so urgent that you couldn’t find the time to even think about what the right thing to do was – and you just reacted.

    I’d like to think that you just didn’t know that you had no right to wipe away what others organized and worked for. I would have liked to think that you are such a sensitive soul that this wall hurt you just to look at it – which demanded you take immediate action!

    But – this wasn’t. You had plenty of time to see this wall, and plenty of time to reach out to the right people for the fix. You had plenty of time to think, and prepare and to actually do the work. This wasn’t pulling a trigger, this wasn’t loosing an arrow. This wasn’t done in the blink of an eye. You literally had YEARS to just attempt to do the right thing. But you didn’t. No good person would act like this. You’ve done the Wrong Thing and you should find a way to make amends.

    And now your apology comes to the community – just before you reopen for this year. Your apology comes while charges are being considered against you for brazen selfish actions. Your apology comes after the community has responded overwhelmingly with disgust and anger at your arrogance and self-important action and words thereafter.

    This half-hearted apology does not address WHY you are expressing any remorse whatsoever. Oh, it mentions that you didn’t want to upset the children, but that’s not actually owning the fact that you gleefully and self-righteously destroyed something they created.

    This so-called apology looks and feels like someone forced you to do so. Not that it is remotely sincere. Any “Sensitive Person” – or even an artist can spot this type of emotionally empty falsehood for what it is. Something to placate the masses, and hope you don’t have to pay a fine.

    Your words MAY have simply failed you as they in no way convey your self-reported passion.
    DO something for this community to demonstrate that you are sorry. Do something to demonstrate that you understand EVERY aspect of wrongness that you have done as only someone who is self-reflective can comprehend. This calls out for you to be the artist you claim – not for some robotic form letter of an apology. The event DEMANDS that you find an artistic way to express your apology that will give back what you do not even recognize that you have taken from the community.

    Your empty words show the same depth as a layer of paint. They show no comprehension of the foul actions you have taken.

    For years you have told all who will listen how sensitive you are, that you are an artist and designer. These short words of yours show otherwise. If you really ARE sensitive. If you really ARE an Artist. If you really do CARE about this community. Fill your boots and do something.

  7. Ann Borrowman-Fujii says:

    Anyone who knows you, knows no malice was intended.

    I among many felt it was time for a re-do of the mural, which had become shabby. As I said before – I would love to see a “troupe d’oeil ” stonewall image that would blend and look natural even if VTrans doesn’t repair the wall.

    I hope everyone appreciates your apology and understands your intentions.