Man issued notice against trespass in Londonderry home entry

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Vermont State Police responded to a complaint of a man entering a residence in Londonderry this morning.

According to a police press release, the man entered a private home on Sunday morning. The homeowner – who called police – told the responding trooper that the man was related to the family but unwelcome in the house. The trooper located the man and issued him a notice against trespass for that property as well as other relatives’ property.
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About the Author: This item was edited from one or more press releases submitted to The Chester Telegraph.

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  1. Cynthia Prairie says:

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for writing. It seems that an awful lot is being made on social media of the idea that the trespasser is not related to the family. However, he is. There are many ways to be related to a family — by birth, adoption, marriage, etc. He is the father of a child within this family, so he is related. While some people wish to complain about our reporting on this incident, we stand behind it. Now, as for the drug-dealing, the state police have said nothing to us about it. But we certainly will be happy to inquire about it.

  2. Julie Snid says:

    He is not related!!!!! My mother never told the police he was related to them.
    The man has a daughter with their granddaughter, but he is not related nore ever welcome at their home. He walked into their home thinking they were not home.
    My Dad was sick so he didn’t go to church. My Dad found him standing in his kitchen.
    He made up a story and asked to use phone.
    My father didn’t want to call the police because he said they would do nothing!
    I told the policeman that my mother called because nothing will get done if more people don’t report what is going on.
    Lock your windows and doors! Keep your car doors locked.
    I told the policeman information about drug dealing that took place today and there was video
    Do you think the policeman came to see the video?
    No he didn’t.
    It’s crazy that I had to fill out a no trespassing form that had to be issued to indicate on the books that I have told him he is not to come onto my property in order for the police to do something when he comes on my property.
    This is crazy! Why can someone come on your property and it not be trespassing?