To the editor: Free and reduced meals program helps our students, our schools

Let me encourage everyone who has children in our schools to apply to participate in the free or reduced meals program anytime during the school year.

In addition to ensuring that all our students get nutritious meals to keep them fueled up to learn, a lot of state and federal funding for our schools is calculated based on participation in the program. By qualifying for free and reduced meals, you are actually helping our community with funding our schools.

Click to enlarge the chart

Now you may not think that you qualify, but you might be surprised. Find your household size on this chart and see what income is eligible.

And our point of sale system does not differentiate how student meals are paid for. At the checkout, every student punches his or her account number into a keypad and a screen appears.

That screen is set up so someone standing nearby cannot tell how the meal was paid for thus ensuring the privacy of students and their families. Click here for a copy of the Free and  Reduced Meals application. If you have questions contact me by phone at  802-952- 9133 or by email at

Jack Carroll
Food Service,
Green Mountain High School,
Chester-Andover Elementary School

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