To the editor: Lots happening with the CAES and GMUHS meal program

We are pleased to announce the introduction of Nutrislice – our all new Digital Menu program that allows everyone to access our menus and – for that matter – most breakfast and lunch menus in our district.

The app can be downloaded to any device, phone, laptop, ipad and so on. The best part is that when you click on any menu item its nutritional information is displayed. This is a great tool for children with medical issues who require this information. With this new system, anyone can access our menus anytime from anywhere. Just go to the website at

Just a reminder, we have a point of sale breakfast and lunch payment system. Remember, we don’t allow a meal to be charged if it creates a negative balance, but with our system, we offer convenient ways to access and make payments on your child’s account. You can create an account on line by going to to set up your profile. You will need your child’s the account number and I can send that to you via e-mail on request. This will enable you to access your child’s account anytime to observe when they are eating and make payments on the account. You can also send in a check to the school or cash anytime and we can place it on the account.

Our three Jr. Iron Chef teams have been working very hard on perfecting their recipes. The competition is March 17 in Essex Junction at the Fair Grounds. I have sampled a couple of the recipes in their early stages and they are great. We are hoping that competing on on St. Patrick’s Day it will bring us luck.

Our Farm to School Program is going very well this year. Winter is a slow time for some items but we have been purchasing locally raised beef to use in our meat sauces and wherever we use ground beef. We also are buying local potatoes, onions, lots of great apples. We purchase these items from a supplier called Food Connects. They buy from local producers and deliver to us. We also purchase high quality greens when available.

We are also continuing to offer our popular Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, which is financed by USDA and allows us to offer fresh fruit and vegetables to children every day during non mealtime hours. It’s a great program we have had for several years and the children love it.

Here we are in the middle of a cold winter and also in our Winter Sports Program for the season. Our Food Services staff prepares a snack for all the children when they go off to their various activities. The eight-week Winter Sports Program is hands down the best activity program the school offers.

The first Wednesday of every month we offer our senior citizen luncheon. We serve at noon. Please feel free to stop by for a great meal and a great time with the kids. Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions concerning account balances or menus.

Jack Carroll
Food Services
Chester-Andover Elementary and
Green Mountain High School

Cell: 802-952-9133

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