Candidates finalized, no contested races in Chester

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Monday, Jan. 29 was the deadline to have names put on the ballot for town offices in Chester and, for the first time in several years, there were no contested races.

Incumbent members of the Select Board and others decided to stay put and the only organization with new candidates is the Whiting Library. where the board of trustees was successful in actively seeking candidates for three seats.

While Marilyn Mahusky and Deb Brown are is running for three-year terms as school directors, that those positions are is not likely to see the end of the year as the new Green Mountain Unified School District board takes over the running of the schools in July. The current boards will exist as long as it takes to close the books and tie up any administrative loose ends.

Once again this year, there were no petitions for the offices of Town Grand Juror and Agent to Defend Suits. In statute, the grand juror makes inquires into offenses that he or she thinks should be prosecuted and makes “presentments” to proper authority.

The agent participates in the prosecution of and defense against suits, but that authority now lies with the Select Board although, at its discretion, the agent can assist with this work. These are largely obsolete positions that the Secretary of State’s office describes as “not very active.”

Chester Town School District Moderator – 1 one-year term – William Dakin
Town Moderator – 1 one-year term – William Dakin
Select Board – 2 one-year terms – Lee Gustafson, Ben Whalen
Select Board – 1 three-year term – Heather Chase
Town Grand Juror – 1 one-year term – No Candidate
Agent to Defend Suits – 1 one-year term- No Candidate
Trustee of Public Funds – 1 three-year term – Shirley Barrett
Trustee of the Whiting Library – 3 three-year terms – Judith Copping, Lyza Danger Gardner, Venessa Heybyrne
Chester Town School District Director – 1  three-year term – Marilyn Mahusky, 1 unexpired two year term No Candidate
CAES Director – 1 three-year term – Marilyn Mahusky
GMUHS Director – Union #35 – 1 three-year term – Deb Brown
Budget Committee No Candidates

There is an ongoing question whether a budget committee is supposed to be an elected or appointed office in Chester. Town attorney Jim Carroll will be attending the Feb. 7 Select Board meeting to address this and other questions. The Secretary of State’s office has produced a Who’s Who in Local Government, which explains the functions of town offices with citations from state statutes.

A write-in candidate for any of the open offices for which there are no candidates can be elected with the votes of at least 1 percent of the voter checklist – or about 22 votes.

The election for these offices will be held from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 6 at Town Hall, 556 Elm St.

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  1. Barre Pinske says:

    Exercising our right to vote is at the core of our democracy. I also think no opposition shows confidence in those who are governing. I think our Select Board, Town Manager and Executive Secretary are doing a very good job.

    In my opinion the weakest link we have is in the area of economic development. On recent Fridays Rte.103 has been a parade of cars heading North so has Sunday nights and Monday mornings heading South. I had a friend over and we were watching the traffic their comment was “not just cars, nice cars, those people have money to spend.”

    I keep saying arts and culture is a very sustainable type of business for this area. I have had no inventory since last August. I am proving the arts can work here, my friend Rich Koonz is proving it and Jessie and Michael Alon are proving it also. We have so many properties available at fair prices and I don’t think anyone realizes the money we have coming through here. I also don’t think the people here are the type who love the arts or care (not that they should) so they don’t get it either.

    I talk with many Chesterite’s who seem pretty happy with our town but most would like to see properties for sale used in good ways. I want one thing more than anything and it probably will surprise you. I want to be able to go out in town and get an inexpensive family style dinner. I want feel a part of my community and see friends and neighbors there like I do at Lisai’s market and the diner. That business model will not happen here until we have enough people to support it. More successful small shops means more people with money to spend. It means more things to do to keep people in town longer and or makes us a potential destination.

    I look at myself like a bear on a river full of salmon I can only eat so much. I am limited in what I can sell to what I can create. We have so much to offer crafts men and women who have the courage to hang out a shingle on our busy roadway. When will those in charge of economic development stop wasting time and asking for money from existing businesses for a few rack flyers and another web site and put effort into the right place helping to develop new businesses?