To the editor: Siano-Goodwin seeking seat on Grafton Select Board

I am writing to let you know that I, Cathy Siano-Goodwin, am running for the three-year seat on the Grafton Select Board.

As most of you know, I am a long-time resident of Grafton, living with my husband Kirk Goodwin here atop Parker Hill Road. I have seen and experienced many changes in Grafton and it is my commitment and dedication in this position to work with the Select Board for a strong Grafton.

Currently, I am an active EMT with the Grafton Rescue, serve on the Flood Zoning Board, am Grafton’s agent for Senior Solutions, and a substitute teacher at Grafton Elementary School. I’m very proud to serve the community providing it with my knowledge and training.

I continue my humanitarian skills on the executive board for Parks Place Community Resource Center and on the Board of Directors for Vermont Ambulance District 11. On each of these boards, I advocate for the good will in the surrounding communities including Grafton. Your voice is so very important toward the success in keeping Grafton’s heartbeat strong. I want to be a part in making sure your voice is heard.

It is important that you know that I am not one to show off all my accomplishments. I am a quiet person who is trustworthy and caring to the needs of others.

But for those who don’t know me: In past years, I have served as chair of the Grafton School Board and president and treasurer of the Grafton FAST (First Aid Stabilization Team) Squad. The past two years, I completed a grant-funded program on the prevention of falls for our elderly population that generated $10,000 for the Rescue Squad to further provide medical equipment and training for the community.

As a former teacher and school counselor now retired, I have the leadership and the compassion to do my very best to tackle some critical issues to be addressed such as keeping budgets reasonable, passing the Town Plan and Village Designation, septic issues, keeping open and clear communications with the Windham Foundation, completing necessary repairs to the Town Hall, and the future needs and success of our school.

I ask you for your support and vote on March 6.

Cathy Siano-Goodwin

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