Telegraph Poll: Why did you vote against the GMUSD budget?

The Green Mountain Unified School District Board is revisiting
the budget that was voted down by residents in Andover,
Baltimore, Cavendish and Chester and has questioned why it failed.  The Telegraph wants to give you the opportunity to say why you voted against it.
(You can also choose multiple answers.)

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  1. A Mutschler says:

    State offered to provide health care for all teachers and purchasing power of the whole state. Teachers union rejected it. They don’t want to lose power? Many jobs don’t even offer HC, so they should be glad to have it. Well, do they want to lose more people from the state and have less kids? My taxes have doubled in eight years. I cannot afford that. And many can’t either. The state is at negative growth now. They are all too ‘good ole boy’ small town nonsense and don’t want to abrogate power. Well, then they just have to get over it.

  2. Julia Gignoux says:

    We do not have confidence in the superintendent’s willingness to cut admin costs while increasing educational opportunities. The Supervisory Union and its Admin costs should be cut across the board. Her actions thus far indicate that she is out of touch and not putting the students first. A raise for herself? Really?