Chester Chatter: In the company of young and old

By Ruthie Douglas
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Old time Chester was a hub of activity. There was always something to do, whether it be sports or of a more intellectual pursuit.

During the winter months, the townspeople got involved with community plays and musical concerts. Many times, a troupe from Boston or New York City would bring their roadshow to the Chester Town Hall stage.

There were puppet shows, lectures on various subjects and reading groups. Lodge meetings were popular like the Masons, the Grange, the Lions Club, the Odd Fellows and the Rotary Club.

Their churches all had their groups as well. These organizations would often time sponsor events as fund-raisers and for the enjoyment of townfolk.

Winter sports offered ski jumping at the Pinnacle, ice skating on Grist Mill Pond, roller skating and dances at the Town Hall.

Rounding out February vacation week were the weeklong activities of the Winter Carnival. There were dog sled races, a photo contest, talent show, an evening ice skating party and snow sculptures, ending with the Snowball dance at Town Hall.

The old high school gym would be packed two nights a week when everyone attended basketball games, Chester’s favorite indoor sport. What support those players got from their town, winning team or not.

Come May, the prom was a town affair. The old high school gym would be decorated beautifully. Anyone who wanted to attend could buy a ticket. Couples, young and old, dressed up to dance the night away.

The prom queen was selected from the high school but those attending were from every age group, a perfect blending of the old and young.  And perhaps there lies the secret: Young and old having fun together.

Home  time

Kirby Putnam and Carissa Neathawk and their baby have moved to their new home, located on Fletcher Hill Road. The young family is happy.

Patty Holden is home after some time spent on a working trip in Florida. Adam kept the home fires burning while she was away.

A Red Cross blood drive was recently held at NewsBank. The Ladies Auxiliary of the American Legion Post 67 served lunch to the donors.

The Sons of the American Legion held their annual ham raffle just in time for Easter dinner. The raffle is always a big success. Hams as well as various gifts were up to win.

Geese are flying north, warmer weather is coming.

  • This week’s trivia question: How many coffins can the town tomb hold?
  • Answer to last week’s trivia question: The first black top road was laid from the Ellsworth Clinic to Carpenter’s store, where the Moon Dog Cafe was until early April.  It was laid in 1934.

Street Talk

Has anyone recently shown you an act of kindness?

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About the Author: Ruthie Douglas is originally from Springfield but has called Chester her home for 58 years, and has been writing the Chester Chatter column for more than 40 of those years. Ruthie is also a longtime volunteer throughout the community.

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