To the editor: CTES Petition organizers thank communities

To the communities of Cavendish, Chester, Andover, Baltimore, Ludlow and Mt. Holly:

We want to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for supporting our petition to reinstate the position of Cavendish Town Elementary School principal as full-time and permanent.

We had received 401 signatures including residents of all the towns that make up the Two Rivers Supervisory Union before we closed it down after Monday night’s Green Mountain Unified School District board meeting. We are grateful for your support. In this time of unsettling change across our state, it’s humbling for us all to see so many people stand together in support of a community school.

We presented the petition results to the GMUSD board on April 30. The board then voted to change the position from interim to permanent. We consider this a victory for Cavendish Town Elementary School and the surrounding communities. We’re looking forward to the next steps to find qualified candidates to fill our principal’s position.

Additional thanks should go to Rep. Annmarie Christensen, Sen. Dick McCormack and Sen. Alison Clarkson who signed our petition. We will continue to reach out so that the representatives of Windsor County and our towns know what is happening locally, and keep that strongly in mind while they are working in Montpelier.

We could not have done this without the support of all of you, and we encourage you to stay involved and continue to participate in maintaining and building our schools and our towns.

We are grateful and thankful to be part of this community,

Denise Reilly-Hughes
Margo Caulfield
Carolyn Solzhenitsyn
Sara Stowell
Sara Cook
Abraham Gross
Amanda Gross
Kevin Hughes
Julia Gignoux
Robert Naess

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