Chester Chatter: The joys of Alumni Day

By Ruthie Douglas
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It was Alumni Day once again!  Vermont folks celebrated their school years. Once a year, classmates and friends gather to recall past times and many memories.

There are cookouts, dinner gatherings, and sharing of the latest happenings. Times change and perhaps the parade is not so long and not so many make the grande march down the street as once did.

No matter, everyone claps and cheers to our friends who do make up the parade. How fun it is to see when someone you know gives you a wave.

Just like a kid, I love the fire trucks and police cars in the parade. It makes me proud, and a feeling of safety washes over me. This year missing was Mark O’Neil, carefully driving down the street, waving and smiling.

That’s what it is all about, celebrating with classmates and friends.

My classmates gathered under a tent on my lawn. It is 59 years, wow, and will be the last one. Next year is our 60th. Most of us can no longer walk on uneven lawn, grill burgers and set up tables of food. The one thing we can do however, is eat, drink, visit and laugh.

Give big hugs to your classmates and promise to see them next year.

Goodbye to a lovely sister; thank you Springfield Hospital

My sister Lila Mansur died on Saturday, June 16, with our family by her side. Always such a sweet smile, Lila was easy to love. She lost her husband Calvin a few years ago. They made their home in Weston. The couple had two children, Mike and Maureen.

I have spent a week in the Springfield Hospital. The staff was super great, one could not ask for any better. The young people and I shared many laughs. They treated me like a queen: Thanks to all of you.

Jeff and Debbie Holden have returned home from a two-week motorcycle trip down South. The couple enjoyed many sights along the way. Glad that they had the chance to get away.

A big thanks to all those who helped to make a good time for the Springfield High School Class of 1959 while I was in the hospital.

Hope you remembered your Dad on Father’s Day. Fathers do know best.

Editor’s note: Street Talk will return when Ruthie is back on her feet again!

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About the Author: Ruthie Douglas is originally from Springfield but has called Chester her home for 58 years, and has been writing the Chester Chatter column for more than 40 of those years. Ruthie is also a longtime volunteer throughout the community.

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  1. Jayne Flick says:

    Hey Ruthie! It was so good to see you today! Hoping you are back on your feet SOON! I miss seeing you around town and at the Legion. Keep smiling! See you again soon….

  2. Carol Peebles says:

    Hi Ruthie ~ Welcome back. So sorry to hear about your sister…hugs to you and her family. I love your column and miss it so much in that paper we get now. Take care! P.S. keep on writing your columns…so much fun to go down “memory lane” with you.

  3. Steven Amsden says:

    Ruthie Douglas,you are a Queen, and we all know it! Get well soon, and keep writing!