To the editor: Watson’s remarks ‘mischaracterized’

Your July 18 article Resistance to Tierney Road quarry continues by Julia Purdy was well-written and was largely factual. However, there were several statements that need correction or comment since they convey a negative impression on the group of Tierney Road residents that oppose the quarry.

First, Ms. Watson did not “demand” anything. To say so is a gross mischaracterization of Ms. Watson’s comments.

Second, saying that Ms. Watson “hinted” at a lawsuit also mischaracterizes her remarks.

Finally, it is correctly reported that “A long-time Cavendish resident who did not want to give her name said, ‘Threats don’t make good neighbors.’ ”

It was hard to respond to this childish statement, since reasonable people are not on a hair trigger and ready to respond to insults, or what Jefferson call “unintelligible propositions.” On the other hand, another more articulate resident, who did identify himself, Carl Snyder, made remarks that were plausible, but soundly rebutted by Bruce Watson.

It would have made more sense to report Mr. Snyder’s remarks, but for good journalism, that would have required reporting Mr. Watson’s rebuttal.

Kem and Svetlana Phillips

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