Sprinkler system sets off Fullerton Inn fire alarm

By Shawn Cunningham
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Chester Engines 1 and 2 outside The Fullerton Inn Photos by Shawn Cunningham

Firefighters were called out to the Chester Green this evening for a fire alarm that luckily appeared to be just a sprinkler malfunction.

Around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, the Chester Fire Department received a first alarm for the Fullerton Inn. On arrival they found that the sprinkler system had triggered the alarm and there seemed to be no evidence of fire. As guests and diners congregated on the large front porch, several firefighters entered the building.

Deputy Fire Chief Robert “Red” MacAllister told The Telegraph that Chester firefighters had checked every room “from the top floor to the basement” and found neither fire nor activated sprinklers. MacAllister said that the cause of the alarm activation is “undetermined” but in situations like this, some sort of drop in pressure is often the culprit.

Deputy Chief Red MacAllister confers with Fullerton Inn owner Bret Rugg

MacAllister noted that the Fullerton’s system had recently been inspected and was well-maintained.

Fullerton owner Bret Rugg said that the technician who maintains the system was on his way to purge and reset the sprinkler.

Ironically, the same quilting group that was on hand when the Inn experienced a chimney fire in 2015 was staying there again tonight.

The Proctorsville Fire Department was on its way to Chester and was called off when no fire was found.

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