Chester man charged with kidnapping, sex assault

John P. Chenier Vermont State Police photo

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Vermont State Police have arrested a 68-year-old Chester man and charged him with kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault.

According to police, on May 1, detectives with the VSP Bureau of Criminal Investigations, Troop B East, received a report of a sexual assault that had occurred around 3 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24 on Interstate 91 south in the weigh station/rest area at Mile Marker 40 in the town of Springfield.

After a lengthy investigation, police say, John Paul Chenier of Chester was arrested on Wednesday, Sept. 12 and charged with kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault.

He was released on a citation to appear, conditions of release and an unsecured bond of $5,000, before the Windsor Superior Criminal Court in White River Junction at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 13 for arraignment.

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  1. Kathly VIze says:

    The answer to the victim’s gender could be had with a quick internet search using the phrase ‘John Paul Chenier of Chester Vt rape’. It was in the very first article.

    John Chenier did not pick up his female victim from the rest area. She was acquainted through family with her attacker, happened to run into him at a fast food restaurant and agreed to go collect scrap metal with him.

    I am not comfortable with him being released to his wife’s custody and the promise not to leave his house unless escorted by her for medical appointments.

  2. Deb Baker says:

    Barre, I carefully considered your response to my letter. True, I did indeed make a gender assumption. But on further reflection, in regards to kidnapping and sexual assault, why would a gender distinction rank any less horrific, terrifying and life threatening? (I sincerely doubt any parent of sons would consider the crime less worrisome.)

    Unfortunately it seems the problem (eyes to Washington) is that our judicial system is riddled with judges who refuse to take the threat of sexual assault seriously. And there seems to be a subliminal belief held by many that anyone who is unfortunate enough to be a sexual assault victim on some level must have “asked for it.” For society’s sake,for the safety of ALL of us, this attitude simply MUST change.

  3. Barre Pinske says:

    Hey Deb, I’m really sorry I feel very miss understood. First of all this is a very serious matter I certainly don’t take this sort of thing lightly. I probably should not have commented but with little information, no mention of gender of the victim and a rest area as the location of the assault perhaps the victim was a male. Therefore my logic was the danger to a women would be midagated for the most part. I think most folks know rest areas are notorious for guys meeting so my mind went to something more along those lines. I guess we will see what the deal is. Again I’m regretting saying anything I thought people would be able to read between the lines of my statement. Victim gender was not mentioned so I really feel bad that an assumption of what I was saying which is in no way close to my intent was interpreted and presented back in such a way. I was not saying that at all. Let’s hope the judge knows what he or she is doing putting this person on the street.

  4. Deb Baker says:

    Aw Barre, how cloyingly patronizing: “Perhaps you are safer than you think”. I fail to see where the fact that the Chester guy attacked a woman at a rest area instead of…..oh….let’s say behind the Green or a market parking lot, or the Pinnacle or along one of Chester’s walking routes would make ANY woman feel safer with THIS particular guy out and about. The point is any man who has shown an inclination to kidnap and sexually attack a woman AT ALL, has no business walking free among us until there is a full investigation and trial. Kidnapping is SERIOUS. Sexual assault is SERIOUS. But it appears that in your opinion, a mere slap on the wrist and “tut tut” from a judge is enough and us silly womenfolk should just stop worrying our little ol’ selves. Right?

  5. Barre Pinske says:

    Arlene, It is unclear as to the exact nature of the case as much information is left out. The fact that the incident happened at a rest area may indicate something. Perhaps you are safer than you think.

  6. Arlene Mutschler says:

    the man is an alleged sexual predator and is released? with ‘conditions? Conditions of what? did he pinky swear he wont do it again?? really? Makes me feel safe? huh?