Progress on Cavendish aeration system, garage Sewer budget of $181,080 approved; paving jobs outlined

By Julia Purdy
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The Monday Sept. 10 regular meeting of the Cavendish Select Board was fairly uneventful and sparsely attended by the public, so it lasted a mere half hour.

The board approved  Town Manager Brendan McNamara’s municipal sewer budget of $181,080, which is slightly higher than last year’s, mostly due to personnel costs, he said.

In his regular report to the Select Board, McNamara covered two items: the water-wastewater aeration system replacement project and the new town highway garage.
Mentioning the noticeable odor, he said that project is well under way and the sludge will be drained on Tuesday, Sept. 18. Work will stop when frost sets in and will be resumed next year.

The town garage is “progressing well” – the frame is up, doors have been delivered, utilities are being completed within the time frame and budget. He anticipates an early November move-in date.

McNamara made a point of thanking Water Commissioner Randy Shimp for his knowledge that has saved the town “tens of thousands” of dollars on the project.

Major paving projects on the horizon

The town has several major paving projects to do, and McNamara advised to begin planning now since the projects may require a bond.

Roads in need include Cavendish Gulf, Greven, Wheeler, Stone Way and sections of Tarbell Hill Road. A section of Twenty Mile Stream Road, which had been done more recently, will be evaluated for repaving.

McNamara also reported that VTrans has allocated $90,000 to do a series of repairs on Route 131 from Downers Corners to the intersection of Route 103. Sunken pavement and troughs caused by continuous heavy traffic will be filled in.

He added that rumors that the paving contractor on Route 103 had “walked off the job” aren’t true. The contractor went to take care of another job but is now returning. VTrans says everyone is “stretched thin.”

Repaving on Route 103 is continuing in Mount Holly; the speed limit is 40 mph at all times.

Health officer addresses two problem homes

Health Officer Doris Eddy addressed two situations with area homes. She led off with an issue at 223 Main St. in Proctorsville concerning an ongoing rat infestation.

Even though the problem has abated somewhat, according to McNamara, Eddy said her big concern is that the rats will return in cold weather.

Eddy reported that junk being stored around the property is an invitation to the rodents, and the property owner is uncooperative. Board member Sandra Russo said she had talked with the owner, who said processing the metals for recycling would be too time-consuming.

Eddy agreed with McNamara that at this point the only option would be to enforce the outside storage ordinance.

Board member George Timko outlined an approach, beginning with a letter to the owner stating the objections and giving a deadline to comply, followed by enforcement.

McNamara, in the role of enforcement officer, agreed to draft a letter for the Select Board’s review referencing the health ordinance and outlining concrete steps for the property owner to take before winter. A schedule of fines may be set up, although McNamara wasn’t sure how effective it would be.

Eddy also mentioned a health situation at Knapp Pond with a mobile home with trash around it. She said the neighbors are “upset.”  She is unable to find the owner.

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