To the editor: CAES repairs coming along

Another successful meeting of the Green Mountain Unified School District  board took place on Thursday, Sept. 27 that will help to move the work forward at Chester-Andover Elementary School. In addition to replacing the water service, which is well under way, crews can now begin work in the boiler room and replacing the carpeting in the two 5th/6th grade classrooms.

The electrical work plan was approved with some revisions to the bid; a disconnect switch and a surge protection will be included. Also, the board approved the replacement of the hot water heater, and installation of three new Buderus Boilers that are not only more energy efficient, but less expensive than the prior system. The costs of each of these items is:

  • Carpeting: $12,600
  • Electrical: $75,262
  • Buderus Boilers: $112,875
  • Hot Water Heater: $6,780

The insurance we have through the Vermont School Boards Insurance Trust will cover the cost of equipment, materials and labor for these projects. We anticipate that all of the projects will be completed by mid-November.

Naomi Johnson, president of the Dufresne Group who designed the water service, was approved to be the project manager.

Looking into the future, the school is setting up some new practices for checking the boiler room on a regular basis along with adding annual professional inspections.

Meg Powden
Two Rivers Supervisory Union

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