Fiery crash damages tree, radar sign in Stone Village

By Shawn Cunningham
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The GMC Envoy burns after crashing in the Stone Village. Photo by Det. Andrew Brothers

A Saturday morning crash and the resulting fire knocked down one of Chester’s new radar speed signs and severely damaged a large tree on North Street in the Stone Village.

According to Chester Police Detective Andrew Brothers, John Fernandes, 33 was driving south on Route 103 near Church street in a GMC Envoy borrowed from a friend when he lost control of the vehicle. Fernandes told police that he “ran out of gas and was unable to steer or brake.”

“He left the road, took out our well-mannered speed sign and crashed into the tree,” said Brothers, referring to one of Chester’s radar signs that thanks drivers who observe the speed limit. Brothers said the sign seems to have survived the crash, but the solar cell that charges it is “done.”

Fernandes and his passenger Jordan Roberts, 25 sustained minor injuries. In addition to Chester Police, the Chester Ambulance and Fire Departments responded to the crash. Brothers said he thought the fire damage to the tree would result in it being taken down.

The crash remains under investigation according to Brothers since the reason for the crash is suspicious. “Potential charges are pending,” said Brothers.

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  1. Kelly Capen says:

    I think solar powered radar signs are the way to go, as our police departments are becoming dismantled. Glad these were not hurt, yet it was not for lack of signage?

  2. Wanda Purdy says:

    Who owned the car since it was borrowed? And it would seem that if you borrow a car you would check to see how much gas was in the tank. Just sayin.

  3. R Makul says:

    Why is it suspicious? He said he ran out of gas and the engine stalled. Was their gas in the tank? Also, the article does not state the residence of the driver.