To the editor: School Food Service meets recent challenges

We in the School Food Service certainly are in the middle of a unique scenario for the start of the new year.

We all know the situation we have with Chester-Andover Elementary School. I was in the parking lot the morning of the event with a huge truck of groceries behind me. Needless to say, I turned him around and delivered to Green Mountain instead. You all know where the story goes from there.

We are now preparing and serving breakfast and lunch at Green Mountain High.

Meal service for both meals is going very well considering the number of children we are serving in a very short time. We have two staff members with us from Chester-Andover: Cook Mary Spaulding and prep person Linda Carroll working along with our Sous Chef Beth Connor at Green Mountain.

We all are working very well together. I can’t say enough good about how everyone has stepped up to the challenge of feeding our children. Everyone is working as a team to get the job done. We are certainly the unsung heroes of child nutrition. As we always say: “A hungry child cannot learn.”

It is a great opportunity for all of us to work together and learn from each other. We certainly have had a few challenges with serving times and scheduling when the kids come down to eat, but we deal with it with a smile.

I have been buying local whenever I can the right price. I just took delivery of 100 pounds of local grass fed beef. It is a great product and we will use it along with our other ground beef.

I recently used 30 pounds of it in our scratch Vermont “shepherd’s pie” recipe and found it to be very lean with incredible taste. I am also buying local fruits and vegetable on a regular basis. We still offer a full salad bar with all meals.

We will still have our monthly senior citizen luncheon the first Wednesday of each month, even with the huge crowd in our dining room. The folks love to watch the kids; they have some to watch for sure.

If you have any questions or concerns about our food services please call me or e mail me anytime. My number is (802) 952-9133 e mail is I recently opened a Facebook account so keep an eye out for more  fascinating information there.

Check out our digital menus on line at

Jack Carroll
Beth Connor
Mary Spaulding
Linda Carroll

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