To the editor: Get out and vote

With the midterm elections fast approaching, it’s my great hope that everyone reading this letter will take the time to vote their choice for all the local, state and federal seats that are at stake. We are fortunate to have many fine candidates who stepped up to run this year.

If you’ve never voted, it is easy to register.  Voting has never been easier. If you lead a busy life (as we all do), you can vote early by mail or at your local Town Clerk’s office. If you choose, go to your local polling place and vote on Election Day.

No matter your personal agenda, there are candidates that will work to implement it. But, if you want change you must take the few minutes that it will take to vote them into office. It is up to you to make a difference and vote for your candidates of choice. It is your values, concerns, and futures on the line. It is your life and it is your vote. Please don’t let the opportunity go by.

Good luck to all,

Ken Colby

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