To the editor: GM teams prep for Jr Iron Chef

For the seventh year in a row, Green Mountain Middle and High School will be participating in the Jr. Iron Chef event this March. We have three great teams and they and their coaches are already  in the kitchen on a weekly basis, perfecting their recipes as they create one to enter into the event.

We have two high school teams and one middle school team.

The Skillet Takes

The Cheftains high school team is coached by Kelly Brennan, a Social Studies and Food Culture teacher at GM. Team members are veterans Caitlin McCoy, Alexandria Pippen, Chelsea Rose and Regan Bushey.

The Skillet Takes high school team is coached by Carrie King and Jana Bryan. The team consists of Laurel King, Ange Wunderle and Kameron Cummings, our newcomer. This is a very organized team; I expect they will be winners once again.
Turnip the Beet, our middle school team is young, and new to the competition. Local Chef Ross Jones has agreed coach this team. We have five new team members: William Anderson, Noah Cherubini, and Forest Garvin, Brie Howe-Lynch and Leda Malazarte.

During the competition, teams are given 90 minutes to wow the expert judges. Three awards are given in each age group. The Crowd Pleaser is awarded to the dish that best incorporates color, texture and taste for a true crowd pleaser. The Lively Local is awarded to the dish best highlighting Vermont foods. The Mise en Place (everything in its place) is awarded to the team that shows exemplary teamwork, order and professionalism. The Crowd Pleaser Award is the only award that our teams have yet to achieve. That will be our goal for this year’s event.

I will keep everyone updated with our progress. A very special thanks to all of our coaches devoting so much of their time to work with their teams.

Jack Carroll
GMHS Food Services
Jr Iron Chef coordinator

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