To the editor: Springfield Hospital needs new leadership

Like most people in our community, I am concerned with the current situation surrounding Springfield Hospital’s finances and administration. I am extremely concerned by a clear lack of leadership by the hospital’s Board of Directors, especially the lack of leadership shown by George Lamb, chair of the SMCS board.

Whether the lack of leadership is due to indifference, a lack of understanding of the situation, or malfeasance, the result is the same — our community is in jeopardy of losing its hospital and Mr. Lamb and the board bear responsibility for the current situation.

A board of directors’ primary responsibility is fiscal oversight and there is no doubt that the hospital board has failed miserably in this role.

Mr. Lamb was well-known as one of Tim Ford’s most ardent supporters during his time as CEO, despite repeated reports about Mr. Ford’s lack of leadership and concerns raised by staff and vendors about the hospital’s financial situation; as well as the fact that in every year except one during Mr. Ford’s leadership the hospital posted operating losses. How can Mr. Lamb remain as a member of the Springfield Medical Care System board in good conscience, never mind its chair?

The time for excuses is long past, now is the time for answers. Sadly, the current board seems unable or unwilling to provide the answers the hospital and the community deserve. I urge each the hospital board members to do the right thing and resign to allow for new leadership and oversight.

Patrick Connelly

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