To the editor: Grafton officials should have attended Planning hearing

To the residents of Grafton,

I was absolutely appalled at the meeting Jan. 15, 2019 that key Select Board members — chair Joe Pollio and member Al Sands — as well as Town Administrator Bill Kearns were not attending this very important public hearing presented by the Planning Commission.

Those attending gave important comments to the Planning Board. The lack of attendance by these officials shows a total disregard for the town’s well-being. They may have had legitimate reasons for not showing up, but could have easily given their written comments to Dave Culver.

The members of the Planning Commission have made numerous compromises and experienced challenges in developing the Town Plan. They were complimented on a job well-done. Dave Culver described in detail the purpose of the hearing as it relates to the Town Plan and the steps for approval.

My words cannot described the feelings I had when hearing Bill Kearns’ written statements that were read by David Culver. Kearns’ comments were totally insulting, destructive, divisive and without merit.

We need to move forward for the prosperity and well-being of all the folks in our community. It has no room for division, personal profit or ones power.

Kirk D. Goodwin

Editor’s Note: Click here to see minutes from the meeting including written comments.

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