To the editor: Dakin announces write-in campaign for Chester Select Board

I am a write-in candidate for the one year term currently held by Lee Gustafson for the Chester Select Board at the election to be held on Town Meeting Day, March 5, 2019. Lee Gustafson is running for a three year term.

Serving my town as a member of the Chester Select Board will give me the opportunity to work with and listen to town citizens, our municipal employees and many active folks about how we can continue to keep Chester a town attractive to families, businesses and visitors.

My family and I have lived in Chester for more than 40 years. It’s where we raised our three children, participated in community activities and worked hard to provide opportunities for all in our small rural town.  I previously served several years as a member of the Chester Select Board and recently stepped back from the state legislature after serving three terms representing Chester, Andover, Baltimore and N. Springfield in Montpelier.

As you vote on Town Meeting Day, please write in my name – Leigh Dakin — for the one-year term for Select Board  that has no candidate listed on the Chester town paper ballot. If you have questions, please call me at 802-875-3456 or email me at

Thank you for your support.

Leigh Dakin

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  1. Tim Roper says:

    All I hear is crickets which makes me wonder if the write in campaign strategy is to win on name recognition alone. I, for one, would appreciate a little more substance from all of the selectboard candidates.

  2. Randy Miles says:

    Hi Leigh. I would like to ask you and any other candidate this. What is your vision for Chester now and in the future? No fluff, just what your vision is. Chester is a great place to live but lacks jobs and more important business. Chester is in a great location for business but shuns away from it and the many benefits it can bring. We as a town can have both the quaint and businesses in our town. Vermont has about 650,000 people in it, about half the size of N.H. Vermont has also taken a decrease hit in it’s rating that translates to taxpayers paying more and getting less. I feel it is time for Chester and Vermont as a whole to look for some change. What is your view point and what difference can you or other candidates bring to the board? Waiting on answer. Sincerely, Randy possible vote

  3. Mary Putnam says:

    You have my vote, Leigh. I can’t think of a better candidate to advocate for children and families as well as the needs of our community. Happy to write in your name!!

  4. Thomas Simmons says:

    As a Chester resident, I’d love to see actual positions on specific issues other than, “I’ve been here forever” as a campaign platform.