Dr. Sandra Pinkham, 77, a cadmium researcher who was family’s ‘ray of sunshine’

Sandra M. Pinkham, M.D., died Thursday March 7, 2019 at Kobacker House in Columbus, Ohio. She was 77.

Dr. Pinkham was born on Jan. 14, 1942 to F. Rolf and Lillie (Westberg) Morral.

She was preceded in death by her parents and her son David A. Stewart.

Mrs. Pinkham is survived by her husband Galen T. Pinkham of Grafton, Vt.; and her daughter Julia A. Pinkham, who now manages Pinkham Medical Systems, and her son Richard E. Pinkham and his partner Renata Pelicicio of New York City.

She is also survived by her brothers and their spouses Frank R. and Linda J. (Backus) Morral of La Jolla, Calif., and John E. and Dorothy (Chambers) Morral of Columbus; her sisters and their spouses Ann I. and John M. Sandor of Richmond, Calif., and Harriet E. and James G. Perkins III of Columbus. Mrs. Pinkham also leaves grandchildren, nieces, nephews, grandnieces, grandnephews, uncles and aunts in the United States and around the world in England, Spain and Sweden.

Her family says, “We have lost a ray of sunshine and the world has lost an exceptional expert on cadmium.”

Sister-in-law Dorothy Morral called Dr. Pinkham “the most welcoming and accepting person I have ever met. She loved to have parties for her friends and family and would greet everyone at the door with a big smile and open arms.  She seemed to find great joy in serving delicious, albeit sometimes inventive food and decorating her house for the holidays.” She called Dr. Pinkham “an intellectual person of many talents and perpetual optimism. She was a caring and attentive doctor, much loved by her patients.  A voracious reader and researcher, she had an awe-inspiring memory that never failed her. … It is difficult to say goodbye.”

Dr. Pinkham especially enjoyed collaborating on cadmium research with Dr. Richard K. Miller and colleagues at the School of Medicine in Rochester, N.Y.  And she so much appreciated the support of friends like Evie Pappas and Constance Bird, who helped her continue seeing patients for 14 months after receiving her cancer diagnosis in December of 2017.

The last joys she had to give up were helping her patients and being able to read with her granddaughter. Raise your hand if you’ve had your ear pricked for a drop of blood for her dark-field microscope. Did she suggest a hair analysis? Did she help you study your DNA with nutrahacker? Take two minutes of quiet and see if you can remember a story you could share about “Dr. Sandy.”

A service of memory will be held at First Community Church in Grandview, Ohio, at 10 a.m. Saturday March 30, 2019.

In lieu of flowers please consider listening more deeply to those who are still alive. Always try to remember her by paying it forward.

You may email condolences to the family by clicking here.

A favorite CD by Vermont’s Hallowell Singers “Love call me home” is available to listen to by clicking here.

“In the beginning of time, the skies were filled with flying elephants. The stars you see at night are the unblinking eyes of sleeping elephants, who sleep with one eye open to best keep watch over us. ” Photographer Gregory Colbert

“I think of the Dalai Lama as a doctor of the mind offering medicine and specific counsel and cures in the way a great doctor would.”
Pico Iyer


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  1. Anne England says:

    Dr. Pinkham was everyone’s “dream” doctor. She always listened & actually heard what you said. You were a person with a problem, not just a number. Bob & I are totally in shock that the disease she was trying to eradicate took her life. She will be missed by many. So very, very sorry for her family.
    Anne England

  2. Jeri Missory says:

    There is not one story that speaks to me of my relationship with Dr. Pinkham; rather, there are decades of stories that come to my mind.

    She is a part of my life, literally woven into it. Her name is as common as any other family member in my household. And, I referred her to many friends and family members throughout the years of our friendship.

    If she was your doctor, she was your friend. I loved her and I know that she loved me. I am heartbroken. There is no replacing Sandy Pinkham. Godspeed dear lady and rest in peace. You deserve a rest. You will never be forgotten.

  3. Rosalie McCoy says:


    You were there as I drew my last breath and departed in the sky
    Guided by angelic beings I caught a glimpse of the tear in your eye
    As you were gazing on my shell and feeling all alone
    I was gazing in the eyes of Him seated on His throne

    The amazing change took place so swift
    From that deathly grip my spirit began to lift
    Above powers, principalities, and every evil foe
    The exhilarating joy I felt no mortal man can know

    So when you think of me…just simply smile and say
    The race she ran, the prize she’s won, she’s with the Lord today
    And when you’re sad remember, “I’ve joined the heavenly band”
    Rejoicing with my loved ones, the angels, oh heaven is so grand

    I’ve shared the gospel while I was there with friends and family
    Now the Lord will remind them all those times and yield His inner plea
    To bring them to salvation, to yield their hearts complete
    So one day soon we’ll meet again to sit at His blessed feet

    I’ve run the race, I’ve kept the faith and now I’m with the King
    I wish you could see the grandeur and hear the angels sing
    The majestic sights beyond compare as the elders bow in awe
    With my loved ones all around me, can you hear the heavenly call

    Come home, my child, my arms await
    Come quickly through the pearly gate
    The trumpet is at the lips of angel Gabriel
    To catch away only those who heed the message of the gospel
    Jesus is coming soon….
    Even so come quickly, Lord Jesus……..

    Written by Rose McCoy 4-1-10 Given by the Holy Spirit

  4. Rosalie McCoy says:

    Dr. Pinkham was a very loving, caring doctor who helped many, many people to stay healthy. She took your blood and if you weren’t taking the supplements she would know right away you weren’t taking them on a regular basis. She always had a bright smile and her positive attitude. She will sorely be missed by so many of her patients. May God’s peace that passes all understanding help her family and friends during this passing on to a better place.