To the editor: A big thank you to Chester road crewman

When I left my home on Hidden Heights Road on the morning of Friday, March 22, it occurred to me that I might have a bit of trouble getting back up my hill. It had snowed a few inches and the road was already slick. But, I really wanted to attend the annual curriculum advisory board meeting at the River Valley Technical Center in Springfield, so down the hill I went.

Unfortunately when I got home, there was a bit more snow and I couldn’t quite get up the last bit at the very top. Rats!

So, I went to the highway department garage to see if there were plans to spread grit on the road. I noticed with a sinking feeling that all the trucks were in the garage. I helloed and called and at first thought no one was there. But then I heard a voice upstairs. A fellow came out and said they wouldn’t be spreading today and that the roads would get ripped up if they did. But, he said he would tell the supervisor. I left, discouraged, but understanding.

I called my spouse at home and asked her to come get me in her four wheel drive vehicle and went to wait for her in the Ellsworth clinic’s parking lot.

After a while I noticed one of the town trucks heading west on Route 11. “Oh boy!” I said to my friend, maybe he’s going to spread grit on my road. I followed and, sure enough, he went up Hidden Heights. I waited for him to come down, saw it was the fellow I had talked with at the garage, and waved a big thank you. Was able to get up the hill just fine.

I don’t know his name, but I’d like to send him a huge thank you. I’ve been stuck unable to get home before and it’s not fun. Since I had house guests, it would have been a particular pain. Thank you very much!

David Liebtag

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