To the editor: Lowell Lake supporters against overnight stays

To: Sens. Alice Nitka, Dick McCormack and Alison Clarkson and Reps. Kelly Pajala and Tom Bock,

On May 30, 2019 the Town of Londonderry Conservation Commission in cooperation with Lowell Lake Concerned Citizens held a public information meeting to discuss Vermont Forest, Parks and Recreation’s proposal to develop Lowell Lake State Park.

Nearly 100 people attended the meeting from the towns of Londonderry, Windham, Andover, Chester and Weston. Here is video of the meeting, which includes a presentation of the community’s concerns:

There was nearly universal opposition to the proposal to develop overnight lodging and associated infrastructure. The most frequently cited reasons were the already overcrowded conditions at the park and the vulnerability of the small, unique lake and surrounding wetlands, bogs, forests and wildlife habitat to disruption and environmental damage from 24-7 use.

During the meeting, the crowd was asked if they opposed the overnight lodging proposal and nearly everyone in the room raised his hand.

Lowell Lake Concerned Citizens has met with Vermont Forests, Parks and Recreation and appreciates the department’s willingness to listen to community concerns. We sincerely hope a compromise can be reached that will allow for reasonable improvements to the park that will ensure its long-term sustainability while not compromising the unique undeveloped character and environmental health of this important regional resource.

Your support in facilitating such a compromise would be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,

Lowell Lake Concerned Citizens Steering Committee
Diane Holme, Chester
Irwin Kuperberg, Londonderry
Steve Coombs, Londonderry
Bob Maisey, Londonderry
Robert Nied, Chester

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  1. Larry Gubb says:

    It should be noted that representatives from the Agency of Natural Resource, Department of Forest Parks & Recreation, were unable to be present to answer questions and clarify characterizations by the Lowell Lake Concerned Citizens and explain the history and the process of the development of their plans.

  2. Robert Nied says:

    If you support the protection of Lowell Lake’s unique character, wetlands, forests, bogs and wildlife habitats, please contact the Commissioner of Forests, Parks & Recreation and ask him not to approve the development of overnight lodging and its associated infrastructure within Lowell Lake State Park. His email is: Thank you!

  3. Daniel Loraditch says:

    I have enjoyed every visit to Lowell Lake in the past 15 years.
    I feel there is no reason to change anything. If it could be maintained as is, it would remain perfect. As needed the decaying buildings could be removed to let nature reclaim the woodlands.