To the editor: Derry Conservation Commission responds to state Lowell Lake plans

The Londonderry Conservation Commission has issued the following statement in response to plans proposed by the Vermont Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation:


We of the Londonderry Conservation Commission, in keeping with the powers and duties required of us under 24 V.S.A. § 4505, have:

  1. Studied the Lowell Lake State Park Long Range Management Plan (LLRMP), the LLRMP Addendum and all available updates issued by the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation.
  2. Reviewed feedback from the citizens of Londonderry and other communities at public meetings and other venues.
  3. Performed our own observations of Lowell Lake’s resources, its value to the public and the impacts of an ever growing public visitation.

We therefore agree on the following statement:

Lowell Lake is one of Vermont’s most valuable natural resources by virtue of its diverse ecosystem, high level of water quality and peaceful atmosphere, which is integral to its value.   We support the efforts to date by the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation (FPR) to manage the lake on behalf of the public.  We believe, however, that FPR’s proposals to expand parking and introduce overnight lodging, in existing or newly constructed structures are in direct contradiction to its stated goal of controlling the surge in visitation.  We are therefore opposed to these two proposals and ask that FPR:

  1. Withdraw any plans for overnight lodging*.
  2. Limit the size of planned parking area expansion in order to control access by maintaining or reducing the current number of spots.

* We support the use of existing structures as educational facilities for day users to learn about the ecology and history of the lake area.

Respectfully submitted,

Irwin Kuperberg, Chair
Helen Hamman
Katherine Stone
Stephen Swinburne
Mark Wright
Sigourney Wright

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  1. Doug Friant says:

    I believe that Lowell Lake should be returned to what it was, either by removing the dam and returning it to wilderness, as it was 200 years ago, or by returning it to a summer gathering place for visitors or overnight guests as it was from the 1880s through 1980.

  2. Randy Miles says:

    I am sorry but I disagree with the Londonderry Conservation Commission. This is a a place that people should be able to come to and enjoy. It was a camp site before and if the state or parks wants to use that site or area for overnight camping I do not see the difference in it? This site should not just be for a few people and it will not sustain it self with just a few. It needs more money to protect and maintain the property. It would then have an agency to police and control it. As well as bring in revenue to pay for it. I as a tax payer have run out of money to fund all these new projects. If we can find a good way of these projects that will support themselves, then why not. Or maybe we should just shut it all down and protect it and pretend it was never there? That way it would be safe from all humans? Lets enjoy this resource with control not restrict it to death that will end up costing more money for us all. thanks

  3. Marge Fish says:

    I agree with the Conservation Committee position. Thank you for your time and effort in researching this issue. I hope that FPR will actually listen to this.

  4. Robert Badger says:

    I agree with and support the recommendations of the Londonderry Conservation Commission.