Chester Chatter: Cherished hand-written notes

By Ruthie Douglas
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In this world of electronic devices I have found myself out of the loop. I am perhaps one of the few you might know who does not have a computer, a cellphone or a GPS.

I will speak my own mind without hiding behind a text message or a Tweet — in effect punching a bunch of keys. I write messages of sympathy, happy birthday or get well with my own hand.

My family and friends have no choice but to talk to me on the phone or to write to me.

When my two grandsons were in college, they wrote. I have saved those notes and letters and I treasure them. Those handwritten words let me know they care and love me.

I hear it said often about young people on I-Pads, texting and on computers. But I for one think adults also spend a lot of time on these devices as well.

One winter I spent in a trailer park in Florida. I rarely saw folks outside. I found out where they were, inside playing games on their electronic devices in front of the air conditioning.  I may be forced into the world of modern electronic devices, but for now I remain out of the loop.

Taking time to enjoy summer

Summer is fast slipping by. Quick! Grab some time to enjoy it. It does not have to cost money. It is as simple as throwing open the windows at night to listen to the crickets and other night sounds. Or sitting in a row boat fishing. Just think of it.

I have gone spunky lately. On these beautiful summer evenings, my daughter Jeanie and I hit the back roads away from the tarred roads and highways. Perhaps a bit of dust but still great country scenes.

Happy birthday to my neighbor Carl Davison. Don’t forget the concerts every Thursday on the Green in Chester.

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  • This week’s trivia question: Where is Rainbow Rock?


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About the Author: Ruthie Douglas is originally from Springfield but has called Chester her home for 58 years, and has been writing the Chester Chatter column for more than 40 of those years. Ruthie is also a longtime volunteer throughout the community.

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