Senior Solutions seeks donations for Foxy Fund Money for pet care available to older Windham, Windsor residents

With proceeds from the estate of one of its clients, Senior Solutions has opened a special fund called The Foxy Fund available to all older Vermonters living in Windham and Windsor counties to assist with costs associated with animal care.

In honor of Dog Appreciation Day on Monday, Aug. 26, consider making a contribution to continue the funding of the Foxy Fund.  For more information or to contribute click here or please call 866-673-8376 or 885-2669.

Loneliness and isolation is one of the most pressing problems facing many older people in our society.  This was the case with an older gentleman named Karl.  He had had a troubled childhood, served combat duty during WWII and suffered years of homelessness due to an alcohol addiction.

Out of a sense of desperation, Karl contacted Senior Solutions, his local Council on Aging office, and a case manager helped him with his housing, and medical and financial needs so he could remain as independent as possible.  Karl picked up old hobbies, became active in his housing complex and with various charity organizations in his local community.  Yet he still felt a sense of loneliness, until one day Karl brought home a little red bundle of fur that resembled a baby fox.  He named this little dog Foxy and the two became fast friends.  Karl delighted in her zest for life and her fun antics.  She soon went everywhere with him, riding on his lap as he negotiated areas in his electric wheelchair.  Through Foxy, Karl made new friends who became a source of comfort and support to him for the rest of his life.

Pets are said to not only stave off loneliness but can reduce blood pressure, provide positive mental health benefits and demonstrate unconditional love and acceptance.

Unfortunately, many people on fixed incomes have difficulty keeping up with the rising costs of owning a pet.   The Foxy Fund aims to remedy that.

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