Londonderry institution, Clarks IGA sold to Associated Grocers

By Shawn Cunningham
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Miner Clark, left, with Terry Merrow on Saturday. Photos by Shawn Cunningham

Miner Clark was a college freshman when his parents bought the grocery store in the Londonderry Plaza in 1974.

On Saturday it was announced that after 45 years, the Clark family’s ownership was coming to an end as Associated Grocers of New England has bought the store.

“It all happened so quickly,” said Clark. “I’m still trying to get my head around it.” According to Clark, the new store will be called the Londonderry Community Market.

Clark said his parents were in the grocery business for a number of years before taking over the current space.

In an announcement, Associated Grocers said that all current employees would be retained in the ownership change.

Associated Grocers — or AG — is a New Hampshire-based buying co-op founded in 1946. AG supplies more than 650 stores in New England, New York and Pennsylvania with wholesale groceries, but it also has a “corporate stores” arm that includes co-op owned groceries in Richford, Newport, Waterbury, Richmond, Shelburne, Johnson and Jericho, all in Vermont.

In announcing the sale, AG President Mike Violette said, “Our goal is not to change the relationships or loyalty consumers have for this store … We will be retaining all current associates … making them part of our AGNE family.”

Clark said that AG has a reputation for not making changes to a business model that is working as well as Clark’s Quality Foods.

Asked what he would do now, Clark quickly replied “spend more time with my grandchildren”

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  1. Kathy Snyder says:

    So happy for the Clark’s and their wonderful service to our community. They have worked hard to provide our diverse community with their needs. The store and it’s staff have been friendly and helpful at all times. Thank you for so many years of outstanding service.

  2. Donna Adams Garland says:

    Wishing the Clark family a great retirement.

    Congratulations on their 45 years of serving Londonderry following the retirement of Don and Doug from Adams Market Inc. in 1974.

    The grocery supplier of Adams Market was Associated Grocers located, at that time, in Manchester, N.H.

    It is interesting that the new buyer is Associated Grocers of New England. As the daughter of Don, and the niece of Doug, I wish the Londonderry Community Market many prosperous years as they go forward. Donna Adams Garland