What’s your experience? Telegraph seeks perspective of special ed. families, teachers

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Are you the parent of a current or former special education student within the Two Rivers Supervisory Union?  Would you share your perspective on the education your child received or is receiving? Are you a teacher or a former special ed student who would like to share your unique point of view?

In an effort to report on the special education portion of the Supervisory Union budget, The Telegraph is inviting anyone – parents, former students, staff members – to bring their experiences to us to help us get a clear picture of how services are provided. This can be done on the record or on background.

The idea behind this effort is to understand the way services are provided so that parents, taxpayers and board members can be more fully informed in the conversations going forward as Act 173 — which will provide schools with block grants rather than reimbursements for special education expenses — is being implemented.

Email scunningham@chestertelegraph.org to get the conversation going

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