MacLaomainn’s in Chester not closing or sold Name confusion may be behind rumor

By Shawn Cunningham
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Neeps and Tatties fans do not despair. Rumors of the closing of  MacLaomainn’s Scottish Pub in Chester are false.

According to owners Deb and Alan Brown, they recently received a phone call from their trash hauler asking when they wanted to have their dumpster picked up. The hauler had heard they were closing. They said they were not.

Next came a call from a customer who is having an event later this year.

“He asked me if he needed to find another venue for his party,” Deb Brown said Monday morning. “I told him ‘no’ and said to Alan that we need to let people know we’re open.” That resulted in a Facebook post yesterday saying that the popular pub was not closing nor being sold.

Owners Deb and Alan Brown posted this on Facebook in hopes of quelling the rumor

It appears that the rumor may have come out of confusion over the pub’s name. It seems that J.D. McCliments Gastropub in Putney is closing. According to Facebook posts, that pub’s owners of 15 years are retiring and that bar has closed — but maybe not for long.

In a Jan. 28 post, the owners told their customers that, “A lot has been happening since we closed! Looks like the community will be able to continue to gather to eat, drink and be merry under a new name. We have had an offer and if all goes as planned we will no longer be the owners as of February 14th. We will let you know details once we have them.”

So the beer is still flowing at MacLoamainn’s and there’s no interruption in sight.




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  1. Jo Ann Duprey says:

    I’m pretty sure I know why this is going around. Last time we ate there a couple of weeks ago the owner was talking about this very subject in the dining room to diners that I took to be friends. I was disappointed. We don’t go out often to eat but so enjoy going here. So I guess word got around.