Share your solutions: Coping under COVID-19

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How are you coping with the changes that are taking place as our world tries to deal with the coronavirus pandemic?

What tips would you like to share with your neighbors to help us all deal with the challenges such as school closings for parents and children, the problems caused by hoarding, keeping active, fighting cabin fever, working from home, paying bills, stress and hundreds of other associated predicaments.

Tell us about your COVID-19 related problem — big and small — and how you are dealing with it. Please keep it brief. We’d like to publish as many as we can. We’ll use your name or initials and town; please designate name or initials. Email us at

Thank you. And stay safe.

Cynthia Prairie
The Chester Telegraph

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  1. John Holme says:

    Doug, The purpose of social distancing is to flatten the curve of cases & spread it out over time in order to avoid having the medical system overwhelmed with too many cases at once. It also helps protect the elderly, who are more like to die if they become infected with the virus. If you have to work outside of home, that’s fine. Even better, work from home if you can.

  2. Doug Friant says:

    After returning from Malta, a country with a similar number of cases and population as Vermont, and being placed into self quarantine, I am wondering if the panic and cure in the USA is worse than the disease.

    I didn’t think there was any reason for me to go into isolation until going through Boston Logan. Malta was fine. The airports were vectors with people not using PPE, passports and documents being handed back and forth transmitting disease and people being forced to wait in close quarters with each other while security did there thing – people in a petri-dish waiting to pass germs back and forth.

    After we shut down the country for three weeks, which won’t work, I believe the solution is for everyone with a sniffle to self isolate and be tested. If someone is sick, they need to go home. We need sick pay on a broad scale and we need the economy to keep working. We need to protect the elderly and keep the immune-compromised people safe and we need to do it in a reasonable way. If people are sick, they have to stay home and be tested for Covid-19. People need to wash their hands and practice social distancing.

    But we are also Americans. We work. We need to keep doing that. Here are my solutions:

    1) Isolate if you are sick
    2) If you are sick, get tested to see if you carry Covid-19
    3) If you are positive, stay home until you are cleared to work.
    4) Protect and isolate people who are at risk.
    4) Keep working, keep the USA running. Keep moving forward.