Hospitals must protect patient information

From Grace Cottage Hospital

In light of the recent pandemic of novel coronavirus known as Covid-19, Grace Cottage Family Health & Hospital in Townshend has received inquiries about patients that have been tested for coronavirus within the community.

While it is understandable that people want this information to protect themselves and their families, Grace Cottage is unable to disclose any protected health information regarding any patient care or treatment.

The federal Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act — HIPAA — was enacted in 1996 to protect patient privacy and to ensure that patients can receive the confidential care they need. This law, by which Grace Cottage and all hospitals and medical care personnel are bound, protects patients’ rights not to have their protected health information shared with any others except those directly involved in their health care.

For more information regarding this law by clicking here. You can also call Grace Cottage’s privacy officer Susan Kapral at 802-365-3626.

When the Vermont Department of Health confirms a positive coronavirus test, it contacts the patient and identifies any contacts that the patient has had during the infectious stage of the virus. For more information regarding this, click here, but statistical information is posted daily.

Grace Cottage Family Health & Hospital is working hard to protect the community’s health. If you have general questions about Grace Cottage, please call 802-365-9109.

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About the Author: This item was edited from one or more press releases submitted to The Chester Telegraph.

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  1. Jane Davis says:

    I believe that we all have to act and isolate as if we are infected and need to protect others, and as though everyone else is infected and act and isolate accordingly, to protect ourselves.

  2. Lydia Pope says:

    Totally get the privacy bit. But an anonymous listing of some recent places they’d been to could help, particularly if the chain of contact maybe misses people. Pretty sure the lawyers would not have an issue with that …