To the editor: Some in Congress favor military over health care

While Vermont communities were watching for signs the federal government would help them weather the current public health issues, 130 federal legislators had their sights set on something else.

These members of Congress had the audacity to jointly petition the House Armed Services Committee, just four days after the White House declared a state of emergency, asking to once again use taxpayer dollars to purchase 98 more F-35 nuclear bomber military jets, which each will cost from $78 million to $100 million.

In the 21st century the federal government has chosen to invest massive amounts of money into preparing for and waging endless phony wars for endless military/industrial corporation profits while neglecting public health, education and other domestic priorities.

In the regular budget cycle for fiscal year 2020, the Pentagon got an insane $738 billion for its budget. Compare that to Health and Human Services, which got $94 billion while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention received $8 billion in program funding. These misguided budget priorities come at a huge cost and we are now seeing the effects firsthand when government misallocates money into war.

It is criminal that so many of our elected officials would continue to aggressively support the corrupt military/industrial machine especially when larger investment in the health-care sector would create twice the number of jobs as the same amount of investment in the defense industry.

Climate change, inadequate infrastructure and education, environmental pollution, lack of universal health-care: These are the real threats to global well-being and peace.

Ralph Corbo

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  1. Tom Knockenhauer says:

    God bless our boys and girls who served and are now serving, keeping our country safe a free to be able to say what you want to.

    The United states of America will come out of this better then before.

    God bless our troops and first responders everywhere.