To the editor: Green Up Day moved to May 30

The Chester Conservation Committee is announcing that our 50th Green Up Day will be held on May 30, 2020 and we want to share – at a safe social distance – this momentous anniversary with you.

No one really expected the 50th anniversary of Green Up Day would include working around a pandemic, but we will accept our challenges and persevere to make this Green Up Day memorable.

This act of community service and making our state shine is good for our hearts, souls, and civic engagement — even at a distance. “Greening Up” is much more than the act of one day. It is a caring mindset that we teach our children, it is taking care of where we live for a healthy environment and it is about connecting our communities with a goal for common greatness. Together, let’s make it a safe and hugely successful 50th Green Up Day.


  • Wear rugged work gloves.
  • Wear long pants and boots.
  • Always check for ticks.
  • Do not pick up sharp objects unless you are an adult.
  • Dispose of any sharps in a heavy plastic bottle with the lid screwed back on and marked “do not recycle.”
  • Wear bright colored clothing.
  • Review safety rules with kids.
  • Work facing oncoming traffic.
  • Use sunscreen.

The Town of Chester will once again have bags available at Erskine’s, Chester Hardware and Town Hall. With the restrictions in place, the bags may be available in an outside location. Details to be determined. The Green Up Day dumpster will be at the Town Garage the week of May 25th.

More information is available from Green Up Vermont or by emailing Frank Kelley at

Frank Kelley

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