To the editor: Eliminate ‘power base for racism’

The obscene public execution of George Floyd on Monday night, May 25 by Minneapolis police has brought about righteous indignation and protests not only in Minnesota but across the country as the American public has finally had enough of the continuous system of non-accountablity and protection from serious prosecution afforded to brutal thugs posing as police officers.

We have even seen it here in Vermont where these systemic patterns have been manifested in similar occurrences. George Floyd’s murder is part of a racist pattern that permeates both U.S. domestic and foreign policy. And it is the American police and military that have become the repressive agents that enforce this racist system both here against its own citizens and against citizens of foreign lands.

People must make it known loud and clear through their words and actions that the insidious economic, cultural, and political militarization of American society that establishes the power base for racism both here and abroad must stop and will no longer be allowed to operate.

Ralph Corbo

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  1. James Michael Brodie says:

    Well said. This may finally be the time to bring in the United Nations.