To the editor: Keith Stern running for state Senate

Keith Stern is running state Senate from Windsor

My name is Keith Stern and I am announcing my campaign for the Windsor County Senate as an independent candidate.

Some of you may recognize me as a candidate for governor two years ago.  My platform has not changed: I want to see a more responsible budget, end Act 46, and make sure Act 250 goes back to its original goal and not become an excessively restrictive hurdle to responsible development.

Above anything the federal and state constitutions must be followed to avoid an abusive government.

Author Dave Barry humorously said the the Democrats are good people with good intentions but are incompetent.  They would stop to help someone change a tire and end up setting the car on fire.   They have good intentions but they fail to understand how to accomplish their goals so they end up hurting us with ineffective and restrictive laws.  We can see this every day with struggling businesses, low wages and an overall cost of living that exceeds our wages.

Affordable housing is a major issue here because of excessive regulations for building, high property taxes and lack of landlord protection against destructive, disruptive and deadbeat tenants.  Ultimately it isn’t the landlords who bear the cost, it is the tenants.  I will work to fix these issues to create more affordable housing.  At the same time I will introduce an effective tenant protection bill as well.

The cost of health insurance is very high in comparison to other states, again due to over-regulation.  I will introduce a bill that will lower health care and health insurance costs.

I hope you visit my Facebook page, Keith Stern for Windsor County and see how a vote for me will be a vote for lowering taxes, a better, more cost-effective education system, a stronger economy creating higher wages, and many other issues affecting we Vermonters.

Thank you,

Keith Stern
North Springfield

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