Chester Chatter: Air conditioning ushered in changes

By Ruthie Douglas
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Growing up I did not know anyone who had air conditioning in their homes. This was the 1950s. No one had air conditioning in their car, either.

We had one big fan that we moved around from room to room, whereever we were. Often we sat on our porch until bedtime, when the air got cooler.

On our street, we felt perfectly safe leaving the front door open, with only the screen door separating us from the outside.

We both had window screens that fit to the bottom of the windows in our bedrooms. We kids played outside every day, which children do not do as much today. Lots of times our playing was in the sandbox because it was underneath the shade of a big tree.

My mother did a lot of canning both of vegetables and fruit including berries. Did that kitchen ever become some hot! I did not know how she was able to deal with that heat. But come winter, it was mighty nice to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

How times have changed.

Scene and heard

Paul Hefty died last week. Paul lived for several years at the apartment of Bennie and Kimmy Benson. Paul had always offered a helping hand around the farm.

Happy anniversary to Joe and Jean Bolaski, celebrating 36 years of marriage.

Our family is some proud of Dr. Lily Hughes of Fairbanks, Alaska, who has purchased her own medical practice. And also wishing her a very happy birthday.

Andy Ojanen, who has lived on our street for a number of years, has moved to Motel in the Meadow.

July 20 to July 28 is National Moth Week. Moths like fragrant white flowers so be on the lookout.




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About the Author: Ruthie Douglas is originally from Springfield but has called Chester her home for 58 years, and has been writing the Chester Chatter column for more than 40 of those years. Ruthie is also a longtime volunteer throughout the community.

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