To the editor: Candidates must commit to full health, economic recovery from Covid-19

Since March 2020, more than 200,000 people in the United States have died from the Covid-19 pandemic, millions have become unemployed, climate-fueled disasters have destroyed lives and racial injustice has continued to compound the impacts of these crises on Black, Indigenous, communities of color, the elderly, and working people.

Our government has failed to respond adequately to these dire crises. And now more than ever, we need to know that the politicians who represent us will do everything in their power to ensure communities can recover from the devastating and compounding impacts of the climate crisis, a struggling economy, systemic racism and Covid-19. That is why we are asking local candidates and officials to commit to a Just Recovery.

We call on leaders and citizens to see these policy solutions as our way forward to face the intertwined crisis of health, economic, climate, and racial injustice:

  • Protect all workers and provide healthcare for all
  • Provide relief directly to people, regardless of immigration status
  • Protect our democracy
  • Prioritize community-led recovery in hardest hit communities
  • Stop Fossil Fuel extraction
  • Invest in a Green New Deal
  • Hold politicians accountable

This way we can emerge from these crises stronger with people and our planet protected.

Members of Earth Matters 350VT Manchester Steering Committee

Chris Anderson
Carl Bucholt
Anne D’Olivo
Susan Levitin
Loretta Murphy
Letitia Scordino
Theo Talcott

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