Local money in the presidential race NYT analysis details donation amounts, donor numbers

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On Monday, the New York Times published an analysis of campaign contributions by ZIP code. The reporters teased out the number of donations from April 1 through Oct. 14 and estimated their amounts by every ZIP code in the United States and looked at factors behind the numbers including education.

Area residents have been participating in the donor war for president.
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The Chester Telegraph took a close look at the numbers within 15 ZIP codes in the area, placed the information in a chart (see below) and discovered some interesting tidbits.

It was no surprise that Vice President Joe Biden has far outraised incumbent President Donald Trump in this largely Democratic state — $108,529 to $24,068 with an average of 622 donors to 152. But the total donations per person average $174 for Biden compared to $152 for Trump.

Of all the donations that the Times could parse out in this area, the most donations — 167 — came from 05156 in Springfield, Rockingham and Weathersfield and benefiting both candidates the most, although almost 100 percent more money went to Biden ($14,967) than to Trump ($7,956).

The most money, however — more than $2,500 more than 05156 — came from 05155 — South Londonderry, where a total of $25,481 was donated by 41 residents, eight of whom gave an average of slightly more $100 each to the Trump re-election campaign. The 33 donors to Biden from 05155 averaged a donation of $747.

Coming in third in total donations, but second in the number of donors is 05143 — Andover, Athens, Baltimore and Chester, with 118 donors giving $16,680 to the campaigns. Twenty-four donations to the Trump campaign totaled $2,201; 94 to the Biden campaign totaled $14,479.

For the breakdown of the 15 ZIPs, please see the chart below.

Presidential Campaign Donations from Our Region by ZIP Code

Data compiled from The New York Times
ZIP CodeTownsTrump
05101Rockingham, Bellows Falls884$597$8,616
05141Cambridgeport, Grafton, Athens<5<5$0$15
05143Chester, Andover, Baltimore, Athens2494$2,201$14,479
05148Londonderry, Landgrove, Windham1142$3,386$4,733
05150North Springfield, Weathersfield76$602$1,746
05151Perkinsville, Weathersfield732$453$7,530
05152Peru, Landgrove, Winhall720$3,098$1,957
05154Saxtons River<550$280$6,228
05155South Londonderry833$815$24,666
05156Springfield, Rockingham, Weathersfield49118$7,956$14,967
Totals142 to 162620 to 624$24,068 $108,529
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  1. Bruce Farr says:

    Regarding Arlene Mutschler’s Oct. 28 comment on the New York Times reporting the amounts of political donations and their cities of origin, it’s been my experience to read these campaign donation breakdowns in numerous publications through the years. It’s done as a matter of political transparency and public record–not to expose anyone’s personal information. No one’s privacy is threatened by the information. Ms. Mutschler, it would seem by her comments, has an axe to grind with the NYT, and is looking for ways to sharpen it.

  2. Cynthia Prairie says:

    Individual campaign donations have to be reported to the Federal Elections Commission by the campaign. So yes, they are public record. It’s standard practice for news outlets to report on who makes donations. But that is not what the New York Times was doing here. The team of reporters was reporting on the locations of the campaign donations.

    Bank accounts and Social Security numbers? No. They are not public records, and I would doubt that the New York Times would have them and would even publish them.

  3. Arlene Mutschler says:

    SO? NYT was able to get the information on who donated and the amounts? Really? so much for privacy? Why not publish bank accts and SS# too? Where did they get this information? Personally I dont think the NYT can report the weather accurately…