Left in Andover: Susan takes well-deserved break

By Susan Leader
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I will be on break from “Left in Andover” for the remainder of the year to collect my ideas going forward. I wish to thank The Chester Telegraph and our readers for the opportunity to write this weekly column.

It has caused me to look inward, providing motivation to organize my closetful of family archives. Also, it has pushed me outward, to learn more about my town’s history. I have especially enjoyed exploring the two cemeteries near my house. Being able to correlate headstones with stories, and in many cases specific farms, within a hyper local area, has really brought the quiet landscape to life for me.

I would also like to thank local historians and my own family members who have so generously shared their knowledge, photos and memories. Writing “Left in Andover” for the last year and a half has been the honor of a lifetime. Stay safe all, and see you in 2021!

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About the Author: Vermont native and noted potter Susan Leader grew up on Popplewood Farm in Andover. At age 17, she was inspired to take up the potter's wheel by "a charismatic potter" from the Society of Vermont Craftsman. She spent 18 months apprenticing at pottery villages throughout Japan. She returned to Popplewood Farm, where she and her husband, fiddle player John Specker, raised their two daughters.

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  1. Ritva Burton says:

    I have enjoyed reading your articles about life in Andover. I moved to Andover in 1957 from Finland and remember many visits to your home there. I will look forward to seeing your articles in 2021. Stay well.

  2. Margie Straub says:

    Susan, I have enjoyed every story. Thank you for sharing your family history, stay well and I will look forward to reading more in 2021.