VSAC offers Zoom webinar on understanding financial aid offers

Join VSAC  from 6 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 26,   for the next VSAC Shows You How webinar to help you better understand what’s happening “behind the curtain” once you submit your financial aid applications so you can be better prepared to understand your financial aid offers when you get them – and to take action if needed so you don’t miss a step.

Register here to join the Zoom seminar and get all your questions answered from financial aid experts at Vermont Student Assistance Corp. You can also watch from the VSAC Facebook page. Marilyn Cargill, vice president of financial aid services, research and marketing, is joined by Carrie Harlow, VSAC outreach counselor, who leads financial aid workshops across the state.

At this time of year, students bound for college and training programs next fall are in various stages of the financial aid application process: Many students have applied to schools and have submitted their financial aid applications, while others are still working on completing all their paperwork.

Our financial aid experts will explain:

  • What costs you’ll need to plan for and the differences between advertised costs and what students might expect to pay (“net costs”).
  • How schools decide what they estimate you can afford to pay.
  • The range of financial aid programs available to help you maximize every free dollar you can get (called “gift aid”) and minimize your need to borrow (in education loans).
  • What steps you may need to take after you submit your financial aid applications (and while you wait for your financial aid package to arrive)

Then, we’ll turn things over to you to ask your questions – we know you have a lot of them.

For more information, email info@vsac.org.

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