To the editor: Vote for Chase for Chester Select Board

We are supporting Heather Chase in her campaign for re-election as one of three candidates for a three-year position on the Chester Select Board.

Having served on the Select Board for six years, Heather has demonstrated good leadership in maintaining and improving Chester as a comfortable and livable place for us to live, work and visit.

As board vice chair, Heather, along with other board members, has worked with our town manager to maintain a fiscally sound municipal budget that has a surplus from last year of approximately $300,000.  Town services continue to improve as Chester has developed a modern public water system, received grants for improving and expanding our sidewalks as part of our walkable townscape, undertaken the construction of a new public services building to house our outstanding police, fire and rescue departments, developed a program to review and keep in good repair our public buildings, including Town Hall, Whiting Library and Chester Academy and improved our recreational facilities including the new skating rink and refurbished town swimming pool.

Heather has lived in Chester for 19 years, where she raised her family and educated her kids in our public school system.  As a small business owner, she  has successfully operated her corporate business in Chester and knows what it takes to manage a business, hire and keep talented staff, meet payroll and provide employee benefits.

The Town of Chester continues to move in a positive direction in its efforts to keep our town livable and attractive as a place to live and educate our kids and to run our small businesses. Thanks to the quiet and persistent leadership of people like Heather Chase on our Select Board, we can look around and notice the positive and energetic activities that not only make this town a great place to live and work but also attract an ever-increasing stream of visitors and relocating homeowners who want to share and enjoy with us the results of good leadership on the Select Board.

You may vote for Heather Chase at the polls at Town Hall on March 2, 2021. Or you can vote now by going to the Chester Town Hall to vote early.

Bill and Leigh Dakin


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