To the editor: School staffs wear red to support Keith Hill for GM principal Public asked to attend April 15 GM board meeting

Staff wear red on Thursday to support Keith Hill for GM principal.

Green Mountain and Cavendish Town Elementary school faculty and staff today wore red in solidarity and support of the recommendation by both the search committee and Two Rivers Supervisory Union Superintendent Lauren Fierman that Keith Hill be appointed principal of Green Mountain Union High School.

The board’s rejection of the recommendation has caused confusion and mistrust across the entire GM Unified School District community.

We encourage everyone in the towns served by the GM board — Andover, Baltimore, Cavendish and Chester — to contact their school board representatives as well as attend the GMUSD regular board meeting to be held at 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 15, 2021,  via Zoom to share their opinions of the process.


Julie Parah

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  1. Nancie Lorenz says:

    How do administrators get “experience”?
    By being given the opportunity.
    Personally, I think Keith Hill is worthy of a three year contract to work his talents.
    I put my faith in this smart and engaging educator, who also happens to be a morally grounded, empathetic human being, to lead Green Mountain in these challenging times.

  2. As a teacher at GM for 18 years I have always given 100% to the students and administration at GM. As principal, Mr. Hill would have asked for 110% and would have received it, out of the my respect for his talent as an educator and leadership abilities. This is why Vermonters are forced to leave Vermont.

  3. Robin Bebo-Long says:

    Having known and collaborated with Keith for many years I can attest to the fact that he:
    • is a thoughtful and knowledgeable educator
    • has made a difference in the lives of students
    • is a role model
    • is respected by his peers
    • has prepared for the role of principal

    I have to wonder why the board would reject his recommendation as I cannot see a valid reason.

  4. Martha Benoit says:

    The hiring of Keith Hill will GM a stronger school.

  5. Brett Mastrangelo says:

    GMUHS School Philosophy,
    “GMUHS Strives to enable its graduates to assume responsible and effective roles as citizens and to encourage its students to develop to their fullest potential, both educationally and socially. The school recognizes that the needs of middle school and high school students are different. The expectations of all students are established in a curriculum and atmosphere tailored to individual learning levels.

    The school believes that learning is valuable for its own sake, as well as for the practical benefit it confers, and that teaching methods are as important as curriculum content. Facilities, equipment, and resource materials are necessary, but interaction among faculty and students is the foundation of true education.”

    I look forward to hearing where the board found fault in Keith’s ability to uphold these standards.