To the editor: Vt. Women’s Caucus stands with Asian-Americans against hate

We, of the Women’s Legislative Caucus, are writing to express both our sadness and anger at the recent acts of hatred and violence in Georgia against Asian Americans which resulted in the killing of eight people including six Asian American women. The latest violence toward the Asian community, and these women in particular, is fueled by the United States’ long history of white supremacy and gender-based violence.

These horrific killings have exposed another truth of the fundamental inequity of life for Asian-American women in our society. Discrimination against Asian-Americans is rising both nationally and in Vermont. According to the VT APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American) for Black Lives Matter Group, since the onset of the pandemic, there have been 3,795 bias incidents reported in the United States, representing hundred-fold rises in violent incidents against Asian-Americans.

In the last 20 years, Asians have been the fastest growing targets of hate crimes. They also reported that Asian-American women on average earn 67 cents on the dollar earned by white men. This compares to 83 cents for white women.

We grieve with the families of the women who lost their lives in Atlanta. Our country is at an inflection point. We can confront the centuries of systemic racism that affects all non-white people who live here or we can continue to be blind to our truth.

The Women’s Legislative Caucus promotes legislation to advance the lives of all women in Vermont. Our priorities include pay equity, women in the correctional system, addressing healthcare disparities and preventing domestic and sexual violence against women.

We stand as allies to Asian-Americans and commit to using this moment to educate ourselves and advance legislation that dismantles racism, promotes equity, protects women and invests in long-term solutions that address the root causes of violence and hate in our communities.


Women’s Legislative Caucus Co-Chairs 

Rep. Lynn Batchelor, Derby
Rep. Mollie Burke, Brattleboro
Rep. Sara Coffey, Guilford

Caucus Members 

Rep. Janet Ancel, Calais
Rep. Peter Anthony, Barre
Sen. Becca Balint, Windham County
Rep. Matt Birong, Vergennes
Rep. Alyssa Black, Essex
Rep. Tiff Bluemle, Burlington
Rep. Michelle Bos-Lun, Westminster
Rep. Erin Brady, Williston
Rep. Jana Brown, Richmond
Rep. Jessica Brumsted, Shelburne
Rep. Elizabeth Burrows, West Windsor
Rep. Scott Campbell, St. Johnsbury
Rep. Brian Cina, Burlington
Sen. Alison Clarkson, Windsor County
Rep. Mari Cordes, Lincoln
Rep. Kari Dolan, Waitsfield
Rep. David Durfee, Shaftsbury
Rep. Caleb Elder, Starksboro
Rep. Leslie Goldman, Rockingham
Sen. Ruth Hardy, Addison County
Rep. Mary Howard, Rutland
Rep. Kathleen James, Manchester
Rep. Stephanie Jerome, Brandon
Rep. John Killacky, South Burlington
Rep. Jim Masland, Thetford
Rep. Mike Mrowicki, Putney
Rep. Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, Burlington
Rep. Logan Nicoll, Ludlow
Rep. Kelly Pajala, Londonderry
Rep. Ann Pugh, South Burlington
Rep. Barbara Rachelson, Burlington
Rep. Robin Scheu, Middlebury
Rep. Amy Sheldon, Middlebury
Rep. Katherine Sims, Craftsbury
Rep. Trevor Squirrell, Underhill
Rep. Gabrielle Stebbins, Burlington
Rep. Tom Stevens, Waterbury
Rep. George Till, Jericho
Rep. Tristan Toleno, Brattleboro
Rep. Maida Townsend, South Burlington
Rep. Becca White, Hartford
Rep. Kurt While, Bethel
Rep. Theresa Wood, Waterbury

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