Drafty windows? ‘Community Build’ heads to Londonderry Window inserts can cut heating costs up to 20%

Volunteers are taking orders now for window inserts that seal drafty windows, lower heating bills and increase comfort. Designed by WindowDressers, a non-profit based in Maine, these inserts fit inside existing windows to let in sunlight and views while keeping more heat inside your home or apartment.

The inserts are built of pine frames and wrapped with a durable plastic film to create clear views through an insulating air space. Foam weather stripping around the outer edges stops drafts and aids the inserts’ tight, custom fit.

Measuring teams measure each window with a laser tool so each will fit tightly. Home visits are now being scheduled.

They are high quality and low cost because they are built at barn-raising-style “Community Builds” across northern New England.

A Community Build is planned for the towns of Londonderry, Windham, and Wardsboro and surrounding towns Nov. 17-20 following all public health guidelines at that time. Other builds will take place in Brattleboro, the Manchester Northshire area, the Bennington Southshire area and elsewhere in Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire. The goal is to assemble 9,000 inserts.

Everyone ordering inserts also participates in the Community Build, or has someone help build in their place. No construction knowledge is necessary.

Once assembled, the inserts are installed from the inside of windows and held in place by friction. Depending on the efficiency of your windows and home, you could see fuel savings of up to 20 percent with inserts in place during the heating season.

Pricing is based on size. A medium-sized 30-inch x 52-inch insert costs $39 plus tax. WindowDressers offers low-income households up to 10 pine inserts at no charge. Donations of any amount are always welcome.

The number of homes taken on by the Community Build is limited to about 30, so interested households should sign up right away.

More information can be seen at www.WindowDressers.org or (207) 596-3073. Locally, you can sign up for a measuring date with Bruce Frauman at (802) 379-6121 or bfrauman@gmail.com.

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