The Telegraph Poll: A mask mandate for Chester?

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  1. Arlene Mutschler says:

    I just avoid going to stores etc. if they are crowded. And especaiily if 90% of the cars in lot are out of state. I have NOT gone to VT Country store in over 2 yrs. I go to my local market during the week, never on weekends. It shouldnt have to be a ‘rule’ people should just use their brains. Instead, they envoke the Vermont state motto: You cant tell me what to do..

  2. Sue McKnight says:

    Given that there are only certain types of masks that are proven effective (paper & cute, decorative cloth ones excluded. Therefore, making masks mandatory seems to be a bit of a crap-shoot. Helpful, good & necessary…but ONLY if wearing the proven correct type. Have to question what we’re doing, here.

  3. Don Dalton says:

    Let’s stop, please, becoming a medical police state or we’ll end up like Australia, where they put suspected cases of Covid in what are essentially concentration camps. Enough of this medical tyranny, and enough of the disgraceful censorship of the views and protocols of well-qualified, honest physicians who are courageously speaking up for safe and effective treatments that cost little and would go farther toward ending this pandemic than masks would, if these treatments weren’t so stubbornly resisted.

  4. Nick Boke says:

    I truly don’t understand the reluctance to require us all to wear masks when we’re outside of our homes. We don’t leave the speed limit up to drivers. Both masks and speed limits are recognized as being in the public good. There is no difference.

  5. Richard Pease-Grant says:

    There is no contradictory science about masks. That is why Doctors
    wear keep micro particles out of patients when the operate. Another point, you may be a spreader and not know it.
    wear a mask and be a nice person. We have enough problems on our plate right now

  6. Linda Diak says:

    Since November 29, 1 in every 120 Vermont residents has tested positive for covid.

  7. Sarah yake says:

    This decision should be left up to the business owner. In my business, once clients were seated “mask’s” were allowed to come off during the prior mandate. Same as when you were eating in a restaurant and food or drink was brought to your table. Wear a mask if you are more comfortable or if the business is requiring it, wear it. If you are sick stay home please. This should be left up to the business, not a town.

  8. John Garison says:

    It says a lot that almost half of you would rather risk catching and spreading a deadly disease to your friends and family than to wear a mask when you’re indoors with other people.

  9. Larry Semones says:

    Will enforcement of mandate fall to our already stretched police department or is this the time to create a civilian mask patrol? What is the punishment for being unmasked and entering a building. Some business sites ask for masking now, my choice, put on a mask or shop elsewhere. Same for business owner mask to enter is their choice now. Demanding a mandate will just continue to promote divide. My observation is that masks are worn into public buildings if notice of masks required is at entrance. If you don’t have a desire and mechanism to enforce mandate then please recommend masks and leave mandate out of discussion.

  10. Robert Nied says:

    This should not fall on the shoulders of local government, but it has, because the governor has failed to act despite an alarming surge in cases and the prospect of worsening numbers due to increasingly contagious variants, holiday gatherings and a persistent percentage of unvaccinated residents and visitors to our area. The town has both the responsibility and the authority to act (as other towns have) in the case of a serious public health threat. Now is the time to do so.

  11. Lynn Josselyn says:

    Anyone is free to wear a mask if they feel it makes them feel safer but no one should be compelled to especially given the contradictory science that paper/cloth masks don’t stop micro viral particles anyway. If you are sick……stay home.

  12. Kathy Vize says:

    Given that a fraction of people (in general, not specific to Vermont) have acted wrecklessly and with disregard for others, a mask mandate is the only way to reduce risk as winter tourism season ramps up.

  13. Kathi Dixey says:

    No Mandate. Let the business owner decide. Anyone is free to wear a mask if the want to. NO Mandate.

  14. Polly Montgomery says:

    I am totally in favor of masks in the businesses around Chester. The numbers in our county are just too high. It is the least we can do for each other.