To the editor: Eye-opening discussion over masking in Chester

Last Wednesday’s select board meeting with public discussion on the mask mandate was truly eye-opening! It’s difficult to listen to the same theme from so many people, “My personal freedom is more important than yours.” Whatever happened to taking care of your neighbor with regard to public health? Wearing a mask is such a simple thing to do – it keeps your germs from me, and mine from reaching you. It’s not perfect or forever – it’s just until the worst is over. It’s a simple sacrifice that apparently many in Chester seem unwilling to make.

Contradictions and Illogic:

An owner of a local grocery spoke out against a mask mandate because his clerks would have to enforce it. Yet, he has no problem with a sign on the doors to his establishment: “NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SERVICE.” Who enforces that rule? Why not simply add “NO MASKS” to it?

A woman asked the Select Board to enforce the speed limit on North Street for people’s safety, yet was opposed to a mask mandate to keep people safe.

Many of the business owners who spoke seemed fearful of losing customers if they required them to wear a mask. For them it isn’t about public safety, it’s purely a business decision. We all have a choice and mine is that I will NOT shop in an establishment that does not require a mask so that I might feel safe. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way.

Can’t we get through this difficult time without jeopardizing the health of our friends and neighbors? Can we say: “Your health is as important as my personal freedom.

Stay safe, wear a mask – it won’t kill you. But COVID might!

Kathy Pellett


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  1. Raymond Makul says:

    There is no evidence that “no mask” is more effective at impeding virus transmission than a properly worn mask. Nothing in this world is 100 percent effective. But it is a leap of logic to suggest that something less than 100 percent effective is the same as 0 percent effective, and therefore not worth doing at all.

    The objective is reducing rates of viral transmission.

  2. Stuart Lindberg says:

    It would be helpful if the “government tyranny” crowd would all do a deeper dig into the real science behind wearing face masks. A paper or cloth mask offers no protection against Covid 19.(Read Dr. Fauci’s emails.) An N 95 offers limited protection if it is professionally fitted and worn properly. These masks are one use only. They will accumulate and grow bacteria leading to another set of respiratory problems. If you want a gas mask that will stop Covid 19 and every nasty virus every created by man you can buy an Evolution 5000 gas mask with a 40mm Nato
    NBC filter and tactical bag for about 229 dollars.

  3. Raymond Makul says:

    Great letter, Kathy.

    The “personal freedom” crowd should all move to New Hampshire where they are “free” to drive without insurance or seat belts, and ride motorcycles without helmets. Chester seems to grow more dysfunctional, day by day.

    Some people don’t seem to get it that communicable disease is communicable, and I don’t want yours.

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