Landscape firm loses thousands of dollars in equipment in holiday theft

By Cynthia Prairie
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It was Friday, Dec. 24, and the crew from Terrigenous Landscape Architecture  of Chester was looking forward to a holiday week off.

They had been working in the back of a stone house in Baltimore, “putting in a stone wall and drainage to save one of these old stone houses,” says Terrigenous owner Scott Wunderle. The house, Wunderle says, has been in the family for four generations, and their work is “the restoration of a homestead.”

“We locked the (trailer) hitch, locked the doors and removed the battery operated tools,” before leaving for the holiday week, says Wunderle.

Then, around 9 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 3, employee Eric Tatro drove out to Baltimore to open up the trailer and get things started for the day’s work, only to discover the doors to the tool trailer open and equipment — lots of equipment — missing.

Terrigenous was working on a homestead in Baltimore when tools from its trailer were stolen. Photo by Scott Wunderle

“Gratefully,” says Wunderle, “they didn’t take the stuff we needed to do the stone work.”

But thieves were able to make off with lots of equipment, a ballpark of $15,000 worth, including custom made tools that “we will miss so much,” says Wunderle. “Some … we have had to make because you can’t buy them: stone hooks, grapples, custom brass quick-connects.”

“We live out of this trailer every day. We have a bunch of people working out of this trailer,” Wunderle says. “The tools have to be onsite and accessible.”

On the advice of State Police, he is perusing websites and pages that are known for selling equipment, and he’s working with his insurance company to see “to what degree they will help replace the tools.” However, Wunderle says, “We’re a bit concerned about the supply chain issues … to get the trailer restocked.”

Lt. Anthony French, commander of the Westminster Barracks, told The Telegraph that police continue to investigate a number of such thefts in the area.

“The owners will more easily identify (stolen items) than we will,” said French, “…and this assists us with potentially finding the property quickly before it is sold to someone else.”

Wunderle remains upbeat. “We’ll be set by spring. This project will take a month and then we have a project in Peru … and spring will come,” he says adding, “So many people (and companies) have reached out to offer to loan tools on a short- and long-term basis. People have been super gracious to keep us going.”

And despite the loss, Wunderle is philosophical: “The conditions that lead people to do this type of thing are tough. That is the real sad story. Losing some stuff, you can go and order again. This (theft) pales by comparison to the problems in the real world.”

Below is a list of items that a missing from the trailer. If you should come across any for sale, please contact Patrick Jarvis or Tuck Wunderle at 802-875-1311 or Vermont State Police Westminster Barracks at 802-722-4600.


  • Behrens 20 gal. Galvanized Garbage can
  • Bostich Compressor CAP1560, hoses and fittings (6 gallon, 1.5 hp, wheeled)
  • CST Berger 54-200B Transit Level & Tripod
  • Hitachi Drill Case full of Hammer Drill Bits (6 spline bits 5/8″-3/4″)
  • Honda Generator EB2800i 2018
  • Husky 1/2″ drive SAE Deep Socket Set
  • Makita 4″ angle grinder and diamond wheels
  • Makita 4 1/2″ angle grinder and diamond wheels
  • Makita 4 3/8″ Power Planer 1912B
  • Makita Spline Rotary Hammer 38146E MHR4041C
  • Milwaukee Sawsall Kit (6519-31 12amp corded) and blades – demo, steel, and nail embedded wood
  • Milwaukee Right Angle Drill 3107-6 1/2″ D-Handle Kit
  • Milwaukee 1/2″ Electric drill w/ side handle 0234-6
  • Remington Powder Actuated Tool H19463
  • Ridgid box, 2032 On-Site Storage Chest
  • Stihl Chainsaw 455 Rancher 2018
  • Stihl TS 420 (14″) Cut-off saw and brass quick-connect
  • Stihl Hedge trimmer
  • Dremel 200 Series 0.9 amp 120v and bit set
  • Airgas Torch Kit (Ironworker Deluxe 85 Handle 25 GX Regulators CGA540/510), gloves, Rosebud 85-25GX-510-DLX HHD
  • Wacker Neuson Plate Compactor WP 1550 2008
  • Worx Turbine 800 Electric Leaf Blower
  • (2) socket sets (One is Husky 7pc 1/2″ Hex Bit Impact SAE Sockets, one is Husky 52 piece 1/2″)
  • (2) Drill Bit sets
  • 14’ 3/8” GR43 chain & hooks
  • Stone hooks and chain (One of a kind) (Two modified J Hooks with chain)
  • (2) 3/8″ Grade 100 Swivel Ball Bearing Hoist Hook w/ Latch
  • (2) Double Clevis hardened chain (3/8″ DBL CLV LNK, 3/8″ GR70 Transport chain)
  • 2 Red gallon oil and gas can (with gas and oil)
  • 5 Red gallon gas cans (with gas)
  • 5 (3”) Webbing Slings, various lengths
  • (2) 5/8″ Steel D-Ring Shackles
  • 10lb Quarry Buster stone hammer
  • 14″ Diamond Saw Blade, Granite
  • D-Handle Aluminum Scoop
  • Extension cords (10ga 100′, 12ga 100′)
  • Laser Level Tripod
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